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Contemporary Paintings for Sale Redefining Creativity

by anonymous

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Human mind is really spectacular. It has amazing potential, which is almost beyond any serious effort of estimation. The quantum of the potential that a human mind possesses can only be matched with with a hypothetical perception. Consider a storehouse having an infinite capacity. Only this analogy draws somewhat closer to the colossal potentiality that the human mind possesses. However, within the periphery of hardbound reality, only a negligible fraction of this enormous capacity is actually utilized by the said species. It is most unfortunate that the lion’s share of this amazing efficacy remains obscured, almost forever.

On the other hand, the human mind is blessed with another significant virtue and that is the aspect of creativity. Rather, the aspect of this artistry perception is the most significant asset of the human mind – apart from its infinite potentiality of concentration and absorption. Human creativity is displayed – or rather, expressed – on a variety of mediums. Actually, creativity can be broadly classified under two heads,

  1.         i.            Performing arts and
  2.       ii.            Visual arts

In performing arts, artists make use of their body, as well as voice, to convey their artistic expression to their audiences. Performing arts include creative avenues of dancing, singing, recitation and oratory skills, opera, magic and circus shows, acting, etc. Even the aspects of lyrics writing, music composing and stagecraft fall under the category of performing arts. Visual arts stand in stark contrast to performing arts. This aspect deals with creation of paintings, sketches, photography and installations, etc. on various mediums.  

Some of these include,

  1.         i.            Pastel
  2.       ii.            Oil
  3.     iii.            Acrylic
  4.     iv.            Water color
  5.       v.            Enamel
  6.     vi.            Fresco
  7.   vii.            Hot wax and
  8. Ink, etc.

Painting – in a broad way of defining – is the act of applying paints and colors on a surface medium, which could either be a canvas, paper, glass, wall, wood and clay, etc. The act of painting is a genuine way of depicting one’s creative thoughts into tangible forms. This very art form has existed in the society since the very onset of human civilization. As such, expression the mind through painting has lived across the ages and the timeline. The surface medium of painting has changed with the ever-changing time. Early man used to draw on the cave walls. At a later date, papyrus and other substances came into being as the medium of painting. The European Renaissance has even witnessed painting on the walls, which still exist and attract hundreds and thousands of eager enthusiasts in the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Paintings possess an enormous visual impact. As such, these are most ideal to deck up any place – whether residential or commercial. That is why commercial paintings for sale have a huge market that is spanned worldwide. In fact, any quality artwork has the potential to set the grandeur and the décor of a place beyond all imagination. Art for sale has a huge prospect these days. This business is flourishing at a steady pace encompassing the entire world. The future of this commercial aspect is really bright and assuring!    

Author bio:

 William Bakker, author of this article, is a renowned commercial artist, who draws paintings and artwork in the festivals as well as he prefers to draw art for sale in the market too.

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