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How to maintain your laptop battery

by onlvyy

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Using a laptop more and more people are, how to properly maintain your laptop battery is also more and more people are concerned, the following Xiaobian will talk about this aspect of the content.

Step and methods
Myth one: laptop batteries do not need to run out of power after the charging
Now laptop batteries are lithium batteries for lithium batteries, run out of battery again for a long time do not have any role in full, or even harmful. Because lithium does not exist so-called "buffer effect", only early nickel batteries have this feature. Acer Laptop battery life is generally only with man-made damage or natural life on. Basically, the battery life are fixed ,300-600 charge and discharge times, generally available for 2 years.

Myth two: When the power is connected, the battery can be pulled or not to pull
Stubbs and not pull depending on actual usage: When connecting the DC power supply without removing the battery on the battery and does no harm, because the battery is fully charged battery will no longer accept any injection,such as Sony vaio vgn-fw battery power will turn directly to the laptop all supply system. But when the laptop high-speed operation, internal overheating is best to remove the battery, otherwise it is harmful.

How to properly charge the battery for notebook
Should try to avoid running out and so exhausted battery recharging, because this will give a lot of pressure resulting in damage to the battery. More feasible approach is about 20-30% when the remaining battery charge. Indeed notebook lithium batteries in the "light / charge" is limited number of areas, all used rechargeable only shorten battery life. Meanwhile,sony laptop batterise, the battery should be in a dry place for charging Also note that the heat problem, which is the enemy of batteries.
Tip: The use of mobile phone battery with laptop battery is not the same, many people may be based on their experience in the use of mobile phone batteries to judge, that should also be all used up laptop battery recharging, this idea is wrong.

Long-term use of laptop battery how to save
Laptop batteries are put photoelectric save or fully charged, should save? Put long-term preservation photoelectric batteries will lose their activity, and even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full power will bring long-term preservation security risks, the best method is to save electricity use to 40% and then stored in the cool, dry place, about 20 degrees Celsius is the ideal storage temperature. Of course, Samsung V25 AC adapter the best month to take the battery out used once, both to ensure the battery good state of preservation, but not so damaged battery is completely drain the battery.

Extend notebook battery life Several measures
1> lowering the screen brightness: Use the fn + down up key combinations to quickly adjust brightness (fn + which key specific need to see their own laptop).
2> use of standby, sleep and other functions: When long time without a computer, allowing notebook standby or hibernate, saving power and prolong the life of the computer.
3> Open cpu speedstep function, can greatly extend the samsung adapter operating time: cpu's bios speedstep feature is enabled by default when using the battery, cpu will automatically down-use in order to save energy. If not open, you can press F2 to enter the BIOS boot found Performance, Speedstep Enable setting to Enabled.
4> When using the battery, try to turn off the wireless, Bluetooth and infrared port. Also remove without the use of peripherals and avoid big 3D enabled programs, games, etc., to reduce unnecessary battery consumption.

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