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Selling Gold in Toronto: How to sell your Gold Watch

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More people are buying gold in Canada as its value continues to rise since the beginning of the last decade. Even though the prices have dipped a little in the past years many experts believe that the price is still on an upwards trend. If you have watches there are several ways you can sell them.

Is it Worth Fixing?

The first thing you need to do is to determine if your watch is broken and whether it is worth fixing. A quartz watch is not always cheap to repair and may cost hundreds of dollars to fix. This amount may of course be negligible if the value of the watch is high. Check first how much it costs to fix and decide if it is worth fixing,

The next step is to try and find a story behind it especially if you are going to sell the watch online. If it is an antique watch that has stayed in your family for sometime, it probably will have a sentimental story behind it that could strike a cord with some buyers looking to buy Jewelry Canada. Even when the story seems a little mundane it may still add some value to it in the eyes of some prospective buyer. Also take time to research the value of the watch. Go online and compare what others are trying to sell the same type of watch for.

Selling by Weight

If after making your consideration, you’ve seen that the broken battery cannot be fixed, then it is time to sell it to dealers. An 18k watch can be sold for its equivalent amount in gold. Selling the broken watch as it is always more valuable because the buyers sometimes want something that they can repair later or use certain parts for future repair work.

Check the spot Price

When you are trying to deal in custom made jewelry and watches online, you need to consider the effect of the gold spot price on the value of the watch. The spot price refers to the price that financial institutions are currently paying. It helps as a good indicator especially if you are selling the watch in its weight.

The dealer will not always pay the spot price and but you can always use it as a gauge. You can go to a custom made jewelry shop or pawn shop and find out if they can buy your watch. Try to push them to pay a higher price as they will equally try to push your prices down.

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