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Male Masturbation- What’s The Deal With It??

by adultmart

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Male masturbation- sounds rather filthy isn’t it? Despite the assumption that every guy does it, is doing or will do it , it has been the subject of ridicule since time immemorial unlike female masturbation which is very much celebrated. There are numerous songs and jokes out there all dealing with male masturbation, so you find it virtually impossible to have no knowledge regarding it. The downside- while it is held to be a typical male behavior but still considered dirty and immoral by many religions.

Masturbation doesn’t take away your vitality or you don’t run out of sperm forever .Most experts believe that the most grave problem with it is the guilt that men have to bear all their lives because self-pleasure is supposed to be immoral especially for the guys. When a woman gets herself a piece of a sex toy its very much revered. But when the very same thing is done by a guy you accuse him of depriving his girl of what ‘rightfully’ belongs to her.

In porns you get to see a good deal of this- a woman shouting at an elevated tone , “oh yeah” as she orgasms. In lots of conventional porn movies you see men more interested in performance than in pleasure. The man’s climax concludes the scene but we are always left with a question- what was his feeling during the whole process? No idea whatsoever!!

Men need a lot of assistance. They need to listen to their inner calling. They need to go deeper and understand what delivers them pleasure. More often it is they, who need more help than their counterparts. Many a times guys search for male masturbators online but they fail to understand is that virtually all of it that is sold can be used by both the genders. Most men don’t see that there’s much more than just penetration. You don’t have to rely on penetration to reach the climax. A great deal of women does use vibrators that resemble a real penis – but use them mostly externally. The hollow tube works more as a great handle than as a device for inserting to hit the g-spot. So just like women don’t need a toy shaped like a dick in order to masturbate, same goes for men who don’t necessarily need a stuff that looks like a vagina to reach the big O.

Many stores do sell a host of male masturbators online including one device, the Fleshlight. But it is not one of the best sellers- that honor definitely goes to the Tenga Egg Masturbation Sleeve, which looks more like a Cream Egg.

But before a boy grabs himself a toy, he needs to shed all his inhibitions. He has to let go off his fear. That means doing away with his guilt. It means understanding that his sexual urge is equally complicated – and equally capable of celebration – as that of his counterpart. So next time you see a guy masturbating don’t be amused for god sake!!!
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