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Information from the Joomla Programmer

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Joomla is a great content management system with excellent flexibility and with a very easy to use interface that a lot of people get feared that when they know that a lot of options and configurations are available Joomla Development Company Dallas .Here this article will work as a guide to Joomla’s basic features and help you install and start your first Joomla web site.

What is a content management system?

A content management is that management system Joomla Development Company Dallas which contains a the series of programming pages connected with the database system and it will allow to once to retrieve the information from this database in the form of the content .But it sounds complicated.

You generally update your Facebook page or created a blog, you generally read online newspaper so all of these websites work with the content management systems.

Then once we will be focusing on are ones that allow you to manage your own website from a simple interface , to create your own pages and menus without the need for knowing how to program yourself.

Joomla content management system

Joomla is the PHP and MYSQL based platform offers numerous extensions and features to the users to prepare a good website and Joomla was developed by a team of open source developers in 2005.Currently it is working with community users and contributors. Joomla is free to anyone who wants to create extensions and templates. You can download Joomla’s current version from its website.

Pros and Cons of Joomla


It is easier to get up and running and tend to have a quicker learning curve means everyone can learn it easily , it doesn’t create any problem in understanding. It is better looking templates and friendlier community , even toward beginner users.


Joomla’s code can be messy at a time and due to this it can be taken longer time in loading. Its architecture limits how many levels of subcategories can be created.

Drupal Pros and cons  


It has the more flexible infrastructure, with the help of this you can create multiple sub categories and with more advanced  user features. It has a fast loading time and reasonably clean code.


It has a longer learning curve and usually longer installation time , although community is supportive and there is less tolerant to the beginners or the people who are asking basic questions. Due to that people can't easily learn it and it is a cons of Drupal .

If we see basically both are very good content management systems but which you want to use it depends on your particular needs and on willings to work through each and each content management system has its own problems Development Company Dallas .Also pay attention to what modules and themes each content management system has as you may require one that is not on both platforms. It is very good practice to go through the pros and cons of each website when you are going to choose any content management system to your website.

To work with Joomla it is necessary you should have SQL database and PHP in your system and it is very fast platform works on relatively fast server.  

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