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How Secure Is Your eBook?

by AchillesMarshal

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The demise of a major bookseller has underlined the shift of the reading public to electronic media, and the increased need for DRM PDF. Interestingly, the distribution of eBooks came off to a slow start. One of the most popular writers of the era and a pioneer in media distribution is Stephen King. He was one of the first authors to disseminate an eBook. This novella, titled The Plant, was designed to come out in six installments. Recipients were placed on the honor system to donate a measly dollar for each installment. Stephen King explained that he would monitor the system to see if most people were being fair. Unfortunately, after the second installment, he found that they were not, and altered his plans.


Of course, this failed attempt did not spell the demise of eBooks, but did expose the need to provide an eBook secure distribution system. Various publishers have done this through proprietary viewers and the eBook industry has flourished. In fact, the reading public has spoken, and the new era brought about the demise of the physical outlets of a major bookseller. The public wants to order books online and a growing number of them prefer electronic distribution to a physical paper book.


It is not difficult to understand the concept that an author who devotes his life to writing will need to be paid for his work in order to sustain his efforts. It is also not difficult to understand that some of the author’s fans will try to get the material free if they can. Some may have limited funds, others simply limited morals. The important point is that, if an author cannot be compensated for his work, he will not be able to work. In the extreme, if Stephen King never was paid again, then fans may never see more of his work, at any price. This has actually happened in several industries including the resin statue industry. Thievery closed the doors.


It is said that there is no lock big enough to foil the determined thief. Although this is true, there can be enough protection in place to stop enough so that the product is still secure enough to be profitable. Walmart has demonstrated this principle with their self-checkout lines.


For this reason, authors should choose an eBook secure distribution system that frustrates the majority of thieves. One good target is that, if a book is worth $10, then it should take at least $10 of effort for a thief to make the steal. An author gets this benefit by using a professional DRM PDF solution provider for his or her works.


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