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iPad vs. iPhone Application Development

by anonymous

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Not all choices are marked in black and white. While the mobile app development segment is not as choked with galore options as the home utilities aisle at the nearby supermall, most people find themselves caught in the dilemma of whether to in go for iPhone application developmentor build an app for iPad. Both have a massive app consumer-base and have shown an encouraging upward trend of number of app downloads. The dilemma gets deeper when you start to weigh in the popularity of the apps for iPhone vs. iPad. 


Choosing for which devise you would launch you app for, or launch the app first for, often gives a head spin. Here are a few things you can talk out to your iPad or iPhone app development company to help you guide through to make a decision that can put off the dilemma. At the least, it’s an attempt to do so. Read on.

#1. Is the app devise specific?

The app genre is the key deciding factor whether to go for iPad or iPhone application development. Apps for project management, vehicle tracking alerts, community networking, restaurant locator and other such apps often see more downloads for iPhone. Reason? It’s less likely that for such utilities people will haul out their iPad and check. They look up for them on their phone. The deciding factor here is that the application on iPhone makes access convenient. If it’s available on iPad as well, it’s a plus.     

#2. Does a larger screen make any difference?

Games typically do great on iPad. The gaming experience on the larger screen is absolutely fantastic. So if your app idea revolves around graphics, iPad should be your choice. Now with iPad mini in the kitty, you might also want to evaluate your decision for it as well. If it turns out that the screen size in not a significant factor, then go back to #1.

#3. Any cost difference in there?

Depending on the complexities of the iPhone application developmentthe cost will vary. Since the process of developing apps for the two devices is different, the overheads aren’t the same. Here, also consider the time taken to execute the development process, the costs that pile up with multiple revision cycles and the number of downloads you would need to breakeven. This one is an easier decision to make. If you are blessed by Lady Fortune, go in for developing the app for both the gadgets simultaneously.   

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