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Awesome Army Surplus Camping Instruments

by zelliwillshon

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Going on holiday these days usually
involves looking online for a package that consists of a flight and hotel with
no more thought required than how much of the local currency to take with you.
We have become accustomed to cheap flights which allow us to jet off to far
flung destinations not normally in the reach of the average family. During the
1960s and 70s it was all about the holiday camps, and anyone growing up in that
era will have some memories there.

As belts are
tightened and purse strings are pulled, it looks like the annual ritual of
going on holiday may be under serious threat. Indeed, the UK outbound holiday
market appears to be in a slow decline, as fewer people are able to afford
their sacred two weeks in the sun. Yet research shows that most people take
their holidays very seriously and that many will priorities the need to take a

So, as people feel
the pinch and are unable to go for their exotic all-inclusive deals in
four-star hotels, we may start to see a change in holidaying habits, and many
people will be pleasantly surprised by the options that are available to them
at a much reduced cost. Take camping for example; the idea of roughing it in
the great outdoors may have some rolling their eyes or coming out in a cold
sweat, and yet there are many benefits to pitching a tent and sleeping under
the stars.

The first advantage
has to be cost: renting a pitch can cost less per day than a bottle of plunk;
once you have invested in the tent and the necessary kit, your only costs will
be food and travel. Many campsites offer activities and sporting facilities,
making them an ideal setting for a family holiday. If the budget is tight,
choosing camping can mean that a foreign holiday is still a possibility once
you have swopped the luxury villa for some canvas and a shared pool.

Camping does not
have to mean a complete sacrifice of all home comforts either. Camp sites are
catching on to the fact that their market may be growing thanks to the current
economic climate, and the standard and quality of facilities can now be very
high. The developing trend for ‘glamping’ is testament to the fact that
campsites are cottoning on to the idea that some little luxuries will persuade
people to take a risk and leave their camping misconceptions behind.

Glamping, or luxury
camping, has also managed to bring some romance back to the idea of camping,
with sites working hard to offer picturesque pitches that seduce campers with
an idyllic setting. Furthermore, there is no longer any need to stay in a tent;
take a look at the options available and indulge your imagination with a stay
in a yurt or a traditional roulotte. There is no need to ditch the holiday,
just take it back to basics! Certainly, opting for military
surplus clothing
is a great way to save money in these testing times.
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