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Things to Do before You Start with iPad App Development

by anonymous

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Although, these things are very basic, their impact on the final product can be huge especially if you are targeting revenue out of the sales. Here’s what you should do before iPad app development. iPad app developers are coming up with some unique concepts to make most out of the market but what most fail to realize is that you got to have a plan of action before development phase starts.

Market Research

While the idea may seem pretty simple, it isn’t exactly the simplest of things. Market research doesn’t mean that you have to read about the applications and then assume what’s hot these days to make a report out of it. Market research is an important part of iPad app development as it allows you to come up with small but effective things that can attract target customers. You should understand what the market needs and what kind of features would make you stand out.

Competitor Apps

If you think that as an iPad app developer you have something new to offer then simply visit the app store and see the enormous numbers. There are applications for every segment and chances are that someone already has your kind of app. However, you can still make it better by studying other applications which would be your rival apps after product launch. It is recommended to note pros and cons of these apps and then try to enhance the pros and eliminate the cons in your app.


This isn’t exactly something you should do before app is being developed but it is always better to start early. While iPad app developers are busy doing their things, you can start the marketing campaign online. Try creating blogs or websites according to the estimated budget and let the world know what’s coming in some days. Search engines and users need some time to hear your name and that’s where you can score over others by starting a bit early.


If you are a newbie, iPad app development can actually be expensive in case you fail to keep a tab on things. Although, a simple application can be developed under a few hundred dollars, it sometimes goes to thousands too depending on the features you keep adding. We recommend that you set a budget and work with the iPad app developers on fixed price for the first time at least. This would keep the app under budget and won’t affect your cost to revenue ratio, if any.


It is not something you MUST get done but still designing with a professional can give a visual boost to the application. Undeniably, developers can do it too but a professional designer in the team can bring his specialized skill on the table and improve things drastically. If you cannot afford a full-time guy, get some of the freelancers.

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