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Gastric Bypass: Surgical Remedy of Overweight

by swethar

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Obesity is becoming a serious problem worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed serious concerns over the growing number of obese population in developed and developing countries. Being overweight and obese isn’t the same thing though. A person can be overweight due to muscle accumulation, bone mass, water and even presence of body fat. But an obese person necessarily has more body fat than necessary for healthy living and of course, is overweight.

Obesity is normally measured by dividing body mass in kilograms with the square of that person’s height in meter. The resultant vector is called body mass index (BMI). Normally a person with BMI over 30 is called obese.

Obesity increases chances of many other health issues, like – heart problems, diabetes, hyper tension, cancer, arthritis etc. An obese person may also suffer from mental conditions, such as – depression, resulting from low self-esteem.

Obesity can be treated to cure. As medical science has progressed advanced discoveries are made in treating overweight issues. Obesity treatment is necessary not only from cosmetic perspective but also to lead a healthy, functioning life.

The purpose of obesity treatment is to help an obese person attain healthy weight. The process may involve surgeries, oral medication, diet etc. A medical team of doctors, dieticians, nutritionist and therapist may work together with the patient to help him achieve his goal. It is often a step-by-step approach which would include:

  • Dietary change
  • Physical activities and exercise
  • Behavioral change
  • Weight -loss medication
  • Weight-loss surgery

Weight loss surgeries are often performed as a last resort. Normally when the BMI of an individual is over 40 or 35 and he suffers from overweight morbidity, i.e., suffering from medical conditions because of excess body mass, weight-loss surgeries become the only option.

Gastric bypass is a popular kind of surgical procedure. It alters your digestive system in order to control your eating habit. It confines how much you can eat and thus, helps you lose weight. It restricts nutrient inclusion in your body. However, it is a major medical procedure and is performed when other methods of weight-loss fail, or, to treat the patient for excess weight when it causes him other serious medical conditions.

Weight-loss surgeries as a group are known as bariatric surgery and gastric bypass is the most widespread form of bariatric surgery as carried out by medical practitioners and surgeons. It is, however, like other weight-loss operations has the risk of severe side-effects. But many gastric bypass surgeons prefer gastric bypass as it is safer and has lower risk of side effects when compared to the other forms.

Gastric bypass surgery however can’t solve the problem of being overweight alone. The person would need to work towards changing his behavior towards food and also must indulge in some healthy exercising regime to continue living a healthy life.

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