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Wedding Reception Food and Drink on a Budget

by conallbrendon

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When planning a wedding on a budget, it is important to make a list of priorities. You need to decide carefully how to spend your money. Cutting costs where you can is a must as food and drink is often the largest expense. With the following tips you can celebrate in style without going over budget.

Making a list of priorities is important when planning a wedding day on a budget. Whether you have decided to make your dress your number one expense, or your reception dinner is the number one priority, saving money where you can is a must. Very often the food and drink served throughout a reception is the greatest cost. You can reduce the expense of your catering budget by using some of the following tips.

Limiting the Guest list

Limiting the number of guests you invite will help you to save money while planning you reception. The more people you invite, the more food and drink will be needed. It may sound harsh, but it is true.

Cutting the Cost of the Catering Budget

You can lower your total spend by booking a local venue to hold both your wedding ceremony and your reception. While visiting a few venues you like in your area, talk to the catering teams. Find out if there are any special deals available for your wedding reception. For example, simple and stylish cocktail menus are an ideal way to save money whatever the size of your guest list. Ask your caterer to source fresh fruit and vegetables which are in season to keep catering costs low.

 A buffet is ideal for snaking on throughout the afternoon or evening. It adds a social element as people chat while helping themselves to the food. Just because you are serving a cocktail menu doesn’t mean you have to serve cocktails. You can serve a light sparkling Australian wine instead if this is more your style. Elegant cocktails will offer a sophisticated, budget alternative to cheap champagne.

Quality Wines and Beers

High-quality wines and beers can be sourced for a fraction of the price of many more well-known brands. See if your caterer has experience providing good quality wines and beers which are cheaper than the more established producers for other Melbourne wedding receptions . Ask them to avoid buying brand alcohol as this is more expensive. Smaller dealers can offer the same quality for competitive prices. This can only mean more beer for your money. If you are going to be serving beer, remember that kegs are less costly than buying individual beers in bottles.

Setting up Your Bar

A budget friendly tip for budget wedding receptions in Melbourne is to limit the amount of drinks available to each guest to two or three. Let your guests know that there will be drinks available throughout the reception, and ask them to pay for them after they have been to the bar once or twice. You can organise a ticket system if you like, where each guest gets two or three tickets to use for their first few drinks of the evening.

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