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Salinas Dentists- Why fear when they are here?

by anonymous

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It is said that God sent doctors to help us on behalf of him. It is also said that doctor’s profession is a very noble profession. It should never be practiced with the intention of doing a business. In the era of 70’s and 80’s and  even to some extent in the early 90’s doctors were not taking this profession as a business and were practicing with the intension of doing service to their society and their country. But things have changed and even this noble profession is not being done with the same nobleness. I am not stating here that all the doctors are the same. There are many doctors like Salinas Dentists who still feel that their primary duty is to serve their people.


But money is the pivot around which the whole world revolves, then how do doctors like Salinas Dentists survive in this tough competitive world? The answer is very simple. All that they do is serve their patients with honesty. For them the patient comes first. They wait for the patients, instead of making the patients waiting for them. They make sure that the patient understands the problem they are facing. The patient is told the severity of the issue and also told about the whole treatment procedure. An environment is created where the patients trust the doctors and feel that they are safe in their hands. Such a feeling has to be earned and it doesn’t come in one or two days. It has to be built with continuous service and once the sense of security is built then it has to be maintained by providing the same level of service every time the patient comes to visit the doctors. And when that is done then the rest is history, as it is for Salinas Dentists.


The world is a mix of Ying and Yang. But the percentage of good is decreasing constantly. I have heard many elders say that the world is still there because of the few good men who are still alive. I know that it defies all the scientific reasons of the earth revolving and life existing in the earth. But if that is one of the hypothetical reasons for earth still existing then Salina Dentists can surely be counted among those few good men. Maybe doctors like Salina Dentists are not every where because good things come in small packages and if quality is needed then quantity needs to be compromised. Whatever may be the reason, Doctors like Salina Dentists are far and few.


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