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Some Useful Tips on Tour to Tibet

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Tour to
Tibet is an adventurous journey. Therefore tourists should acquaint themselves with
several things about Tibet before they visit there. There are different ways
through which we can obtain explicit information for example official Tibet
tour website or Tibet tour agency.

Some of
the information that you must get hold of before visiting Tibet tour is mentioned below:

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Before you set out for Tibet, you have to arrange Passport and Visa for Tibet Entry
Permission. Also you can get Military Allowance.

Care: Tourists must check their heath before set out for Tibet. People who have
problems like severe cold, heart diseases, respiratory system diseases, asthma or
hypertension are not eligible forTour to Tibet.

Stuff: Tourists should carry only portable and practical items. They can’t take
prohibited objects and dangerous goods with them. You may need flashlight as
sometimes you have to set out early in the morning and return to your hotel till
late at night. You can also bring some daily supplies with you like multifunctional
Cross-shaped Knife which you can use to open the drinks and canned food and
peel the fruits.

Cash: You can find only a small number of banks in Lhasa and Shigatse for
example Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction
Bank due to the limited conditions. Hence tourists are recommended to take
enough cash rather than credit card. These banks can help you in cash
exchange. But only Bank of China and a few hotels offer foreign currency
exchanging service. It's not handy to withdraw money in other part of Tibet and
even credit card may not be accepted there except cash.

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Altitude Sickness: The high altitude sickness is a normal happening on plateau,
and you needn't worry too much about it. By and large,
these symptoms would fade away in one or two days after you become
accustomed to the plateau atmosphere. You ought to sleep enough and intake much
water. During your staying there, do not involve yourself in any violent
activities. You must put on appropriate clothes in order to prevent yourself
from the cold.

Restrictions: Keep in mind that not all the Tibetans would prefer to be snapped,
in particular the Tibetan women. You are advised to seek their permission
before you take pictures.

and Customs: From the Tour guide, you can find detail information on the
customs and taboos of Tibet and the Hui.

Political Issues:
Political issues are very sensitive in Tibet. You are advised not to discuss
the Tibet issue with the local Tibetans.


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