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Lewisville Roofing: An Introduction to Asphalt Shingles

by lenorerushford

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Over five million homes in the United States are built with asphalt shingle roofing each year. This roof covering is so well-known, specifically in suburbs such as Lewisville, that four out of five homes are roofed with asphalt shingles. For more information pertaining to this material for roofing in Lewisville, below is a brief introduction to the way it is produced and installed.

Asphalt shingles comprise three layers: an organic or fiberglass base, particularly formulated asphalt and fillers, and a weather-resistant mineral covering. The construction method makes it insusceptible to harm from pressure, ultraviolet destruction, and fire. It is made in either single or double layers that present a three-dimensional look.

Underlayment has to be set up over the roof deck before the use of the shingles. This works as a waterproof barricade for humidity that infiltrates the shingles and offers short-lived security from climatic elements until the roof covering has been covered fully. Places that have an average temperature of 30ºF or less in January ought to also have an ice dam protection layer set up.

Shingles with three tabs have a factory administered sun-activated adhesive that seals pieces together. This strip likewise bolsters the shingles' resistance to wind uplift. Strips of polyester film are connected to individual pieces to keep from adhering together while packaged. This lucid film doesn't have to be eliminated during installation since the adhesive strips will not align with the plastic ones, but to adjacent shingles instead.

Prior to taking into account which roof is finest for a house, there are some things that the designer, proprietor, and contractor have to consider. They must find out about the building regulation requirements that apply to the system, the kind of roof deck, the building's usage, and the accessibility of the roofing for tools. The homeowner needs to also calculate the yearly roofing cost and the type of upkeep that is needed to take full advantage of the service life of the system.

A competent contractor from a Winston Salem NC roofing firm must discuss the advantages and drawbacks of asphalt roofing before suggesting it to a property owner. With the help of this guide, those who need to have their roof switched out can make informed selections when deciding on roofing systems. To find out more about the information above, visit

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