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EPX Body Business Review- Read This Before Starting EPX Body

by jamesbreak101

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EPX Body Business Review- Read This Before Starting EPX Body


EPX Body is a brand new Network Marketing company that is specializing in the Health and Fitness category. Officially launching in June 2012, leaders are now taking positions in its current pre-launch phase of EPX Body. EPX Body is the brain child of Dan Putnam, who has had over 18 years’ experience in the fitness industry and many years’ experience building massive Network Marketing teams over the years.

EPX Body based out of Utah, has plans to grow the business across multiple countries, but for now only USA, Canada and Philippines are open for business currently, while leaders across other international countries are taking positions to grow their International EPX Body business. The leadership team of EPX Body has had many years’ experience in developing online marketing materials such as sales funnels, capture pages and sales marketing funnels, so expect nothing less than top performing sales systems for EPX Body, an online marketers dream.


EPX Body Product Range

EPX Body offers four different products to consumers. These are EPX Burn, EPX Cardio, EPX Detox and EPX Enhance. All these products are priced at $39.95 plus delivery. The EPX Body team have gone for a very affordable price point in the market to obtain volume quickly for it’s distributors, while still providing a lucrative pay plan.


EPX Body Burn -

EPX Body Burn was designed for people to lose the body fat around the torso area and waist line. EPX Body Burn’s ingredients is a blend of all natural weight-loss ingredients and produces a powerful thermogenic fat burning effect, suppresses the appetite, boosts metabolism and detoxify the body.

Researchers attribute the weight loss properties of Irvingia Gabonensis to its ability to control the hormone Leptin, which plays a key role in regulating body weight, metabolism, and appetite.

Price $39.95 per bottle


EPX Body Cardio

EPX Body Cardio is based on a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough, we present to you the miracle molecule “Nitric Oxide”. In the body, the amino acid Arginine (the key active ingredient in EPXbody Cardio) coverts to Nitric Oxide – a powerful neurotransmitter that helps reduce stress on the heart, regulate blood pressure, improve circulation, and reduce plaque in blood vessels.

Price $39.95 per bottle



EPX Body Detox -

EPX Body Detox is 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea is a special blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the whole body.  As part of a process of a nutritional cleansing, it provides the body with the nutrients it needs to get back in balance and restore itself to its natural, healthy state.

EPX Bbody Detox purifies your body by cleansing out toxins, impurities, and other unwanted rubbish that has accumulated over time.  Price $39.95 4Pack


EPX Body Enhance

EPX Body Enhance is designed to recapture the rapture with EPXBody Enhance – the ultimate sexual supplement for men and women. Contains a potent blend of all-natural ingredients known to enhance sexual desire, pleasure, and performance. Be ready to perform just 30 minutes after taking and enjoy the bene­ts for up to 72 hours…

Price $39.95  8 Capsules


EPX Body Compensation Plan


EPX Body Compensation Plan is a very lucrative plan with a low monthly autoship requirement of $40 per month. With it’s Hybrid 4×5 Forced Matrix Pay Plan as well as Matching Bonuses, EPX Body provides a great opportunity to earn that additional residual income.

EPX Body offer 7 Ways to get Paid.

Fast Start Bonus – Earn 50% cash bonus on every time you acquire a new customer or distributor with a $40 product purchase

Guaranteed Minimum Check - Get Your Product For Free When You Refer 4 People to EPX Body

Guaranteed Income- Sponsor 5 People to EPX Body within your first 30 days of starting and maintain at least 2 people on autoship for six months and EPX Body will guarantee you will be earning at least $1000 a month or they will refund your money.

Monthly Commissions- Earn commissions from all the purchased in  your entire group from someone who have personally sponsored or from others in your matrix.

Matching Bonus- Earn a 25% Check Matching Bonus on every one you personally sponsor and earn 12% on their referrals 4 generations deep.

Rank Advancement Bonuses- Cash Bonuses


How To Market EPX Body

EPX Body offer the latest in capture pages for the EPX Body range of products as well as their live and recorded webinar presentation page which enables you to send prospects to find out more about the business and products without the need to get in touch with your upline to see if they are free to do a presentation for you. The EPX Body marketing system also comes with fully functional email campaigns to ensure your customer base is being informed about EPX Body products.

How To Explode Your EPC Body Business Using Facebook And Without Calling Your Friends, PERIOD

Do you struggle to grow your business or do you find it hard to get new leads for your EPX Business? Learn How To Market And Attract Leads for your business using these simple but effective Facebook strategies. Watch the video on my Facebook training HERE


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