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Conditions Necessary for Successful Planted Aquariums

by evamarisha

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If you want to create a natural aquatic ecosystem that will beautify your home, then you should go for freshwater planted aquarium. Planted aquariums contain certain selected aquatic fish and plants that replicate a beautiful underwater environment. The plant requires certain conditions to survive in a certain environment. You can easily set up plant aquarium if you avoid the major common mistakes through proper avoid the loss of aquatic plants in your garden, you need to ensure that there are no addition of plants especially, those requiring differing water parameters. You need also to ensure that there no additional plants that are ill suited generally, to the current lighting conditions. If you ensure that these two mistakes do not occur, you will be able to maintain a successful planted aquarium in your garden. Usually, live plants always do well when kept and maintained in an aquarium which best suits their essential needs to survive. You need to select live plants that actually share similar water parameters if you want to minimize problems. You will be able to maintain the best ideal water conditions   that live plants actually needs. Generally, the three major aspects that you need to consider are water hardness, pH and water temperature. In case of pH, you need to understand that most live plants tolerate a pH range of 6.5 and 7.5. You need to research very well on the live plant that you want to keep since some sensitive aquatic plants have narrower pH tolerance. In case of water hardness, you should research on the aquatic plant that you want to keep. This is because, though they all require softer water, most can easily adapting to harder water. You need to research on the specific range that your aquatic plants actually require. You need to maintain a temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees. However, you need to research on your live plant temperature requirements since some also requires cooler temperatures.

You need also to consider lighting condition of your aquarium. Usually, most of aquariums lack adequate lighting to sustain very many aquatic plants of certain species. In case you place plants that require high lighting in an aquarium that has low lighting, they will not survive. Ensure that your aquariums have necessary lighting that can sustain the aquatic plants. A planted aquarium requires at least between 10 and 12 hours lighting every day.

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