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Automatic Irrigation Systems To Save Time, Money and Water

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An automatic irrigation system presents the most efficient, convenient and cost-effective way to irrigate the landscape and stimulate lush greenery all around.

But properly designing, installing and maintaining both the irrigation system and irrigation valves is important as more than 60% of the wasted water in USA is due to poorly designed, installed and operated sprinkler systems.

Metropolitan Irrigation System Inc., Vienna offers professional installation of irrigation systems based on the client’s requirements. A certified irrigation designer designs customised solutions tailored to the landscape after taking into account the water pressure, water flow, type of soil, terrain, etc. The irrigation system offered thus solves individual project challenges even while meeting industry standards. This intuitive approach reduces water usage to such an extent that clients enjoy almost 50% reduction in water costs and get return on investment within two years.

Metropolitan Irrigation uses the latest products and technological innovations available. It installs licensed and insured dirty water irrigation valves made of heavy-duty, glass-filled nylon and EPDM rubber materials which makes them tougher, more resistant to impact and higher pressure rating. These irrigation valves resist clogging by actively fighting sand, algae and other particles and can also handle chlorine and other chemicals present in reclaimed or other non-potable water.

Annual maintenance plans are also offered. It includes a seasonal start-up where experienced service technicians check all sprinkler heads and set the smart controller to current climate trends. A licensed back flow test is conducted to ensure that there is no reverse flow into the potable water inside the house. Winterization is a key aspect - technicians blow out all the irrigation lines during winter to ensure proper functioning of the irrigation system. Clients can also opt for monthly service inspections for regular adjustments, cleaning and repairs.

Metropolitan Irrigation System Inc. primarily operates in the water supply and irrigation systems industry. Based in Vienna, Fairfax County, it is serving both residential and commercial properties in the state of Virginia since 2009. It has skilled expertise in various types of irrigation systems and irrigation valves, be it full sprinkler system installations, retrofits or converting an existing system to conserve by watering with the weather.

Address: 2026 Hunter mill Rd., Vienna, Virginia 22181 - 2805
Tel: 5 7 1 .3 3 8 .2 9 4 9

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