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Is OOH advertising a part of standard marketing strategy?

by Oohadspecialist

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A form of brand advertisement that is launched through an out of home medium of communication such as a billboard ad display, a poster ad, a hoarding or a kiosk is known as OOH Advertising.  Of late, OOH advertising has become a much preferred means of brand communication among maximum number of advertisers. Advertising experts consider OOH advertising a part of standard marketing strategy through which a brand owner can successfully position his product in the market. Whether it is about the launch of a new brand or promotion of an existing product, OOH media has emerged as one of the most opted channels of brand communication.

Outdoor Ads can be personalized which means that an OOH ad display can be placed at one such spot where customers will easily view it. For example, if you place an OOH ad display of your product at the traffic point, the brand message is easily accessible by those potential customers who stop by at the traffic point and are in search of something to occupy their attention. If you are presenting an interesting brand message, these customers will be curious to find out the detail. They may visit the website or the brand store to seek a solution to their curiosity. If impressed by the product and its features or offers, they may buy it. Such is the impact of an OOH ad display.

Airports are one of the avenues of OOH Advertising. Airport advertisers buy ad spaces at various airports to exercise their advertising right. One of the major advantages of airport advertising is that it targets rich customers who have easy spending capacity for any brand. Airport Displays also provide a posh impression about the products on customers’ mind. Induction of rich technology is one of the secrets behind the successful positioning of brands through airport displays. Mall Advertising, Metro Advertising and Transit Advertising are a few other forms of OOH Advertising.

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