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Easily Secure Your Document Control

by AchillesMarshal

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Most business owners that have some expertise with the Internet are familiar with some of the important security measures taken to protect sensitive company information through secure document sharing. Security experts from many different industries have designed these protective measures. You may recall the intense security surrounding the scripts for the movie Star Wars. George Lucas had the scripts printed on special paper, to indicate their proprietary nature. A standard photocopy machine was unable to make copies from the special paper. A script manager checked out each script to the appropriate actor on a daily basis. In this way, Lucas was able to secure documents that the underground community held in high demand.

A similar struggle is occurring in the video distribution community. Producers attempt to secure their movies in order to get the revenue they need to offset their production costs and make a profit. On the other hand, consumers want to get movies as cheaply as possible. Some watch a movie that their friend or family member has paid for, but they have not. Others simply try to procure the movie for free. To protect movie producers, video distributors work with software publishers to develop Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRM works with a key, associated with a particular computer or user, to limit access to distributed movies to only the appropriate targets. Interestingly, before DRM was in place, George Lucas hesitated to release Star Wars in any form, feeling that he did not want his hard work stolen. Now the DRM is in place, Star Wars fans are able to purchase all of the works of Lucas.

As the movie industry moves at the forefront of document and video security, business has not lagged far behind. As Hollywood seeks to protect its latest blockbusters, businesses seek to protect their video training, messages, and conferences. As businesses continue to increase their use of electronic messaging and video communication, the need to protect this communication also grows.

A company that distributes sensitive documents and videos to its clients can take advantage of specialty software to secure documents and video streams. It can realize the projected revenues for their target audience, without having to take a discount for those who improperly or illegally share their documents.

Secure document sharing operates on many levels. It can control distribution through preventing copying, defeating screen grabbing, or limiting streaming. It can mark sensitive documents with watermarks. This control is flexible and dynamic: an operator can grant or revoke rights in an instant.

If your company shares sensitive information, either internally or with clients, be sure to investigate the software available for secure document sharing.


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