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Stratedigm offers the most superior range of high throughput

by stratedigm

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Stratedigm has been ranked as the manufacturer of one of the most superior quality high throughput flow cytometry products. Apart from other flow cytometers, the A600 HTAS and the A700 HTH are the two products that carry the pride earned by the company


Stratedigm has proved to be the leading manufacturer of the best quality high throughput flow cytometry. Its range of flow cytometry includes S1000, S1000EX and SE500. The two major high throughput flow cytometry products offered by us include A600 High Throughput Auto Sampler (HTAS) and A700 High Throughput Hotel (HTH).


One of the outstanding features that accompany every flow cytometer is the Cell Capture software. The software has been acknowledged by every user till date. Some of the reasons of its popularity include fluent analyses of all plate based experiments; help in managing data; drag, drop and click feature makes operations easy for all kind of multiple users. Flexibility in the movement of data and personalization of workflow requirements are certain other features that ease off pressure.


The A600 HTAS and A700 HTH include a variety of plates and tubes for analyzing data and presenting information in an ideal manner. Stratedigm also supplements the devices with an array of tools for management of the work flow, data sharing and efficient usage of samples and instrumentation.


The high throughput flow cytometry products are designed to integrate with each other and make experimentation smoother. Customization and upgrading is also available. All our products are environment friendly. Best deals and warranty is provided with every flow cytometer. Training courses can also be acquired on demand. Classes are held in the headquarters of Stratedigm.


Stratedigm offers a free demo on purchase of a flow cytometer. The demo can be scheduled according to the convenience of the customer. Call us today for more details at 408-512-3901.


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About Author: Stratedigm was founded in 2004 and since then the company has been working towards creating the best flow cytometry, BD LSR IIproducts. If you are looking for high throughput flow cytometry, call for a quote at 408-512-3901 or call on their toll free number 1-877-801-6098. Service request forms on the website can also be used to get a quote.    

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