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Depression Counseling, Marriage Counseling, And Mindfulness

by renewyrpassion

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Deciding to seek therapy from a licensed professional can be scary.  It makes people feel vulnerable and like a failure.  People often seek counseling when they feel they have hit rock bottom and have nothing left.  This is especially true of those people that seek depression counseling. 

The truth is seeking depression counselingdoes not mean you are a failure.  It means you refuse to give up.  It means you will take any means necessary to feel better.  You are dedicating time to yourself because you deserve to feel better.  A licensed counselor is also dedicated to helping you feel better.

Many counselors have begun to practice mindfulness counseling.  This means they are getting you in touch with your deepest feelings.  They get you to recognize the feelings that you have hidden away for so long and deal with them, whether they are good or bad.  Recognizing those feelings lets you deal with them and move on.

Mindfulness counselingis often done through not only therapy, but also through meditation.  Mediation allows you to access the hidden places in your mind and heart.  It puts you in a peaceful state by elevating your energy and tapping into feelings you have forgotten you have.  It allows you to begin your healing process.

Sometimes counselors will use mindfulness counseling in relationship counseling as well.  It helps you to better open yourself up to your partner and your feelings towards your partner.  It allows your true feelings to come out.  This vulnerability is sometimes what is lacking in a relationship.

Repairing a relationship is not just about the individuals involved.  It is also about how those individuals react with each other.  Marriage counseling will help those individuals learn to communicate with each other again.  It allows people to express their feelings in a secure environment where they will not be judged.

Often people feel judged in a relationship, and that is what shuts down communication.  People are afraid to speak their feelings because they are afraid their feelings will be judged.  In marriage counseling, people are reminded that they do not have to be judged and they should be free to express their feelings in a way that does not blame their partner.

Regardless of the type of therapy you are looking for, deciding to seek therapy is the first step in healing.  Whether you are seeking depression counseling or therapy for your marriage, speaking with a license professional can make a world of difference.  It can turn despair into hope and tears into joy.


About Us: Christopher Diggins, MA, LMHC is a licensed and certified counselor since 1984.  He provides mental health counseling and marriage counseling in the Seattle area.  For your free half hour initial session or to get more information, contact Christopher online at and begin your healing.


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