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Tips to buy a transformer from a power transformer exporter

by veerendrapartap

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If you plan on starting a factory, or are a factory owner facing constant power cuts or voltage fluctuations, there’s a thing or two you should know about transformers, voltage stabilizers and generators. While a lot of factory and mill owners don’t really understand the simple physics behind these devices, you shouldn’t commit the same mistake if you want to avoid losses. Generators are devices that use the phenomena of magnetic induction to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Transformers, on the other hand, are devices that can switch between current and voltage, and therefore helping a factory achieve a desired level of voltage.

In India, there’s a constant power cut coupled with voltage fluctuation. If there’s a voltage fluctuation while the factory machines/electronic appliances are running, there are extremely high chances of short-circuit and subsequent failure of the machines. To avoid such conditions, you need to get a transformer installed from a reputed power transformers exporter. Here are some tips that can help you evaluate the right kind of transformer for your needs:

  • Loading and overloading:  Load is the capacity of the transformer to intake voltage. Before buying a transformer, you should ask the distribution transformerexporter regarding the load and overload capacity of the same. Your transformer should be well equipped to not only handle the load but also a little overload at times.
  • Purpose:  Every industry has a different purpose to be served, and one transformer cannot work well in all. There are different models of transformers designed to suit various industries. For example, if you are in a steel mill, you will need to install transformers that will nil any chances of load shedding since metallurgical processes require a huge amount of power. On the other hand, automobile industry requires transformers that can take short term overload without any problem. First see the purpose before going to a dry type transformer exporter.
  • Quality Check and certifications:  Handling electricity, power, voltage etc. is a very complicate process. If any device fails, it can have adverse effects on all the connected devices. In fact, there’s always a life threatening risk to all the workers if there’s a disturbance in the voltage and current levels. Ensure that the device you are purchasing has been tested for quality by the best engineers and technicians. Also, check for suitable accreditations and ensure that the transformer is certified by a recognized authority.

To aid the process of selecting a transformer, you can call over an engineer from the transformer exporter’s company. These engineers are the ones who build transformers and therefore, know each type of transformer in and out. After assessing your needs, they will be able to suggest the most suitable one.

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