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Cohesive features of OOH advertising

by Oohadspecialist

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By OOH Advertising people generally think about those colourful billboards, interactive digital signages, kiosks, posters on lamp posts etc. OOH Advertising creates an engaging aura for any class of target group. Outdoor ads can also be considered as the brand-informers. They provide audiences brief information about a brand or service. The best part about OOH advertising is that people cannot switch them off or throw them out. Whether they like it or not, audiences are exposed to such ads. In this regard, such ads are considered as targeted in nature since they capture audience. Outdoor adsor OOH ads can be a good source of directing audiences to showrooms. With a colourful visual display grasping attention from the audience is not a big deal. 

When coupled with other media, OOH ads are the best means to launch, promote or advertise your product or service in the market. Outdoor ads are excellent adjuncts to other types of advertising. For example you can provide information or details through online source.

However, as an outdoor advertiser, you must not neglect few things while undertaking an outdoor campaign. An outdoor ad campaign may fail to provide the targeted result under three conditions:


-          Poor content

-          Dull visual display

-          Improper location


The checkpoints for these threats are obviously the opposites. First of all, provide a compelling and rich content for the campaign which can grasp attention of your target group. A rich content is one prolific tool to grab attention of your target group. No matter how flashy or colourful your ad campaign is, a poor content can bring all your efforts down. Convey your message in a crisp tone and style so that your audience finds it engaging and entertaining. Secondly, provide colourful visual displays which provide an interactive look to the audience. Last but not the least; make sure you place your ad at location(s) where audiences can easily view.


If you have an outdoor campaign in mind make sure you utilise the best of the above mentioned sources so that your campaign provides the targeted result. Outdoor advertising or OOH Advertising is the most effective tool of marketing, if carried out with a cohesive plan and strategy.

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