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Bad Basement Condition You May Not Be Aware Of.

by scaldinobase

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A basement is important as it serves as the very foundation for a house. It is very important to keep it in a good condition for home security and avoiding disastrous situations. For this, regular inspection of the area is suggested.

Home foundation issues

Common problems seen in most of the home basements are bulging of the walls due to excessive external pressure, water leakage and standing water, cracks and gaps in the walls. These are the basic problems which can cause further problems in this area of a home. Excessive pressure on the walls may result into wall cracks and gaps which is a great threat to the structure’s safety. Water leakage is another major issue as it can result in growth of molds. Improper leveling of the basement surface and use of low quality building material is often the cause leading to these problems. In addition to this, natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, temperature and excessive rainfall are other reasons for the same. If your area receives a greater amount of rainfall, it may make the soil surrounding your house wet and damp. In such situations, the home may be at great risk and the damage will most probably start from the basement.

Further issues caused due to basement problems

The issues arising in the basement area may not only cause harm to the area itself rather it may affect your home and health in many ways. It will start with cracking of the walls, ceilings and floors. Then it will extend to damaging the things stored in this area, if any. Whether it is wooden furniture or metal tools and equipment, nothing will be spared.

A damp basement provides a healthy ground for the growth of insects and bugs. From the big ones like lizards, cockroaches, spiders and mice to microorganisms like fungi and disease causing bacteria, such conditions are favorable for inviting all kinds of bugs. Soon, these will find ways to get into your home. This is something highly undesirable as these organisms may cause health problems and damage your furniture, eatables and even clothes. Microorganisms will find an easy way into your home, which is through the air. A large part of the air that we inhale comes from the basement due to air circulation from your home’s HVAC system. Breathing such unhealthy air may cause various types of health problems ranging from allergies, headaches, skin infections and common cold to fungal infection, respiratory diseases and heart problems.

Children and the aged family members are more susceptible to these problems. If you already have someone in the home with asthma or cardiac problems, the problem may exaggerate due to an unhealthy basement. Getting the whole basement replaced is not a viable solution as it will need a lot of time, effort and of course finances. A better way to go about it is to contact a foundation repair company in NJ that can survey the area and suggest some repair solutions for your home basement.

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