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Facebook Unveils Open Graph Mobile to App Developers

by rayootechchina

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Facebook’s has launched another application programming interface (API) in a bid to make it easier for developers to integrate Open Graph into their apps.

The API allows developers to create Open Graph object without the need to host webpages with Open Graph tags on servers. Open Graph’s API comes with a recently added visual interface that Facebook says makes it easier to interact with Open Graph objects.

"In the past, we heard that object creation made it a challenge to integrate Open Graph into your mobile apps," said Facebook director of product management Douglas Purdy in a blog post.

"With the Object API, you can directly create Open Graph objects and no longer need to host webpages with Open Graph tags. This API is available for both mobile and web apps."

Open Graph is a internet protocol that transforms all webpages to objects so that they can be added to the Facebook platform. Prior to the release of the mobile API, it was difficult for developers to integrate Open Graph tags into their mobile offering.

Following the launch, developers will be able to integrate mobile content into apps without the need of hosting separate webpages and content for servers.

Along with the API release, Facebook has also deputed two other mobile first offerings. The social network unveiled a Native Share Dialogue for mobile developers.

Native Share Dialogues main selling point is that users will now be able to share content from apps without having to login to Facebook first. The release is aimed at developers uninterested in building in heavy Facebook integration into their app.

Also announced is an improved login experience for Facebook mobile. The updated login improves login speed by 20 percent and makes the publishing permission request an optional dialogue.

All the updates will be brought to the iPhone by way of a recently announced software development kit (SDK) for iOS. The SDK package is touted as a way for Facebook to streamline developer’s app building experience.

The updates comes during Facebook’s Mobile Developer Conference in New York. Facebook’s conference and releases are another sign that Facebook is quickly becoming a mobile first company.

Last month, Facebook launched its own Android skin called Facebook Home. The offering was heralded as being able to put social networking front and center on a users smartphone.



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