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Scalability is a Big Benefit of VPS!

by johnsamuel

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For some business owners and individual website owners, the choice of what kind of server – and more specifically, how much space on a server to rent – can be a difficult one. They definitely want to make sure that they have enough of the resources that they’ll need, such as bandwidth and storage space, but they’re also operating off a budget and don’t want to pay for something that they won’t use. For business owners facing this same issue, VPS can be a great option due to the unique scalability it brings.

With the scalability that VPS brings, you can use as much or as little as you want, and only pay for that amount. This is vastly unlike shared hosting, where you’ll pay for a very small amount and only be given that amount. If your website grows or you find that you need more room or more resources than that, you’ll be out of luck and will simply have to find a new hosting plan.

It’s also unlike dedicated hosting. With dedicated you will pay to rent out an entire dedicated server, and all the resources and space on that server will be dedicated to you and you alone. Everything is there for you to use, but if you don’t use that amount, you’ll still have to pay for it – and that price can get very costly. It can be a very frustrating thing for business owners, not having the exact right amount of resources that they need.

But with VPS, they can.

A VPS package can be much more flexible with things such as the resources being used because it’s essentially a number of servers on one very big server. While the smaller servers are virtually partitioned off from each other, there is plenty of space and resources to go around. And typically, web hosts are more than happy to let you upgrade to more resources, or downgrade if you find you’re not using what you’re currently pay for. The only difference might be how the web host handles it.

Some web hosts will require you to contact them if you want to use more or less space. Typically this can be done over the phone, through email, or even via web chat, and it shouldn’t take very long. The longest part of the process will only be if the host needs to reboot your server; which isn’t always necessary. However, you may not even need to contact them.

This is because some VPS web hosts will simply track your usage over the payment period, and charge you for that amount, and only that amount. This can be a great choice for business owners that are very busy, want resources available when they need them, but don’t want to spend a lot of time tracking those resources themselves.

There are many benefits that come with choosing a VPS package for your web hosting needs. But if you don’t know how much space, or how many resources you need, the scalability that comes with VPS is definitely one of the biggest advantages this type of hosting has to offer.



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