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Is Cosmetic Surgery Recession Proof?

by victoriabaines

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The old maxim 'look good, feel good' takes on an extra pertinence during a time of austerity and recession, in which job opportunities have shrunk in line with national economies. The direct consequence of this lack of growth has meant that there are more people fighting for the same job and for most, it means looking for any kind of advantage to give them an edge in the increasingly competitive job market. In societies which value the vitality of youth, cosmetic surgery is one industry that is bucking the downward trend as older workers acknowledge that 'age and experience' are no longer viewed as necessarily positive assets.


Equating the vigour of youth with enhanced productivity is an equation which is sometimes over-simplified, but it remains a key evaluation of firms looking to hire. It has always made sense for jobseekers to update their skills in line with developments in their field but nowadays it seems that enhancements are not only confined to curriculum vitae. Whether it's going to dental hospital for dental implants or Botox or other aesthetic treatments, people are choosing to spend money on updating their looks and appearance to enhance their chances of getting their dream job.


Once considered the preserve of Hollywood celebrities - facelifts, eye lifts, laser peels, teeth whitening and hair loss treatment have become more democratic in regards to affordability and cultural acceptance. Cosmetic enhancement is becoming increasingly popular with workers expected to regularly interact with the public, such as estate agents, lawyers and those involved with sales in general. This dynamic growth of cosmetic surgery as a 'recession busting' industry is further supported by the dramatic increase in the number of men seeking tummy tucks and breast-reduction operations, over the yearly period from 2010 to 2011.


A Daily Mail report on figures gleaned from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in a recently published paper revealed there were 43,069 surgical procedures carried out in 2011, up almost 6 per cent on 2010. The biggest increase was in men having abdominoplasty - tummy tucks - with 124 operations carried out in 2011, a rise of 15 per cent from the previous year. More men also appeared eager to do away with 'man-boobs', known as 'moobs', by opting to have male breast reduction surgery. These procedures rose by 7 per cent from 741 to 790, while male liposuction went up by 8 per cent to 511 operations last year.


While it has been a common assumption that cosmetic surgery is a singularly feminine pursuit, the downturn has prompted more men than ever to contemplate a 'nip, tuck and tweak' in an effort to keep up to date in a world in which your appearance can matter more than your experience. As the saying goes, 'look good and get the job'.


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