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EPX Body Review – Get the Facts about EPX Body Here

by jamesbreak101

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 If you haven't heard of EPX Body yet, you're going to want to sit down for this. I came across this little gem of a MLM company that has thrown out the "rules" and proven that MLM can actually be reasonable and profitable at the same time.


 By reasonable Auer¦ I mean the product kicks the standard MLM hoops and loops to the curb along with a lot of other common MLM practices that might have ticked off a distributor or two in the past.

 Love it or hate it, MLM creates millionaires, and EPX body WILL create millionaires.

 The company was founded by Dan Putnam, a highly successful network marketer with an impressive career. Our company is headquartered in Layton, Utah and is fully launched and primed for expansion.


As you'll find in most cases, MLM company owners who were once actually distributors build far better companies, for both affiliates and customersâEUR¦ and the product really shows what can be done when the games are thrown out the window.


There are many ways in which company stands out from the crowd, so to keep this as short and info-packed as possible, I have listed the most exciting features (IMHO) I could think of.


 I've never seen a MLM put their money where their mouth is like this. This sends the message to people that EPX Body is serious about your successâEUR¦ and to the rest of the network marketing industry that the games are over (please see the video below for details).


Company Guarantees You A Minimum Monthly Check With Just 4 Active Personally Sponsored Reps.

 Let's say you sponsor just 4 people in a month. That month you earn your 40% fast-start bonuses. The next month let's say you don't sponsor anyone and your 4 people are active. Your autoship is $40 but your monthly residuals do not make up for it.


There's moreâEUR¦ but I won't spoil all of the fun of finding out all the cool things about this companyâEUR¦ and most importantly: that you can really call EPX Body your "home" and make money here.


What Are EPX Body Products?

EPX Body has 8 outstanding products in it's lineup that are sure to impact your health in a majorly beneficial way.

I won't cover them all here (check the EPX Body product website for detailed information) but here are a few that you should really pay attention to for their incredible benefits:



Body Daily is 100% vegetable supplement that contains 12 edible species of sea plants which are known to be packed with powerful nutrition and trace minerals. This stuff is packed with efficient nutrition that your body will love. Seaweed has long been regarded for its health benefits and now it's easy to take daily and feel the energy.


 Nutrithin is a powerful weight-loss supplement containing natural B vitamins and other ingredients known to increase metabolism and burn the fat safely along with increasing energy and general health. I call this "brain candy" because it targets the same pleasure receptors in the brain that chocolate does.


Cardio is one of my personal favorites because it contains the powerful amino acid l-arginine. L-arginine has a wide range of powerful benefits and is known to improve sleep, sexual performance, and energy along with a general sense of well-being. I take this every night right before going to bed and I wake up sharp, energized and ready to go.


 There's more in the EPX Body lineupâEUR¦ so head over to the product page and check them out! There's really something for everyone here.

 NEW Product Just Launched: Thrive! Thrive is an all-natural energy drink that's safe and healthy for people of all ages. Learn more here!

 Before I forgetâEUR¦ I do want to point out that unlike some meal-replacement shakes, the EPX Body Nourish meal replacement shakes have NO SUCLAROSE - a known toxin.

 Do EPX Body Products Work?

 There are NO SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS in any of EPX Body's productsâEUR¦ and they have been working for many, many peopleâEUR¦ including myself. Check out my personal testimonial here.


 One of the most exciting features of the product is the lucrative compensation plan. Unlike most MLM companies, EPX Body removes many of the obstacles associated with earning bonuses and higher rank levels.

 For example, in our product, your personal retail customers do not have to be on autoship for you to earn the bonuses. Every single retail sale pays 40% (finally).

 Also, there will never be a "tiered" autoshipâEUR¦ meaning when you hit higher rank levels you will not be required to increase your autoship (what a relief).


 Impressive, isn't it? With unlimited depth building you really can create a rock-solid long-term residual income in EPX Body.With the super low investment to join and get your products, guaranteed checks, and killer marketing system, the enrollment and retention rates are already breaking industry records.

 People love MLM because of the lasting income it can provide. People love getting products that enhance their lives and make them feel better, which makes this business ever more powerful. It's incredible how much you can impact lives with better health and the opportunity to create wealth so easily with our product now that the hurdles to your success are gone.


 Ready to take the challenge? Join the EPX-Treme Team today and work directly with industry superstars and a very supportive team of outstanding people.

 You'll get to work with us directly as we show you how to generate leads and sales in EPX body, get your guaranteed checks and ramp up your income to the next levelâEUR¦

 âEUR¦and a whole lot moreâEUR¦ plus tons of resources including our team's own marketing system!

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