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India Coffee Shops / Cafes Market Outlook 2016

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259 views Pleased to announce a new report on "India Coffee Shops / Cafes Market Outlook 2016" India has emerged as one of the favored destinations for coffee shops popularly termed as Cafes. 
 The coffee chains market in India has witnessed a robust growth so far and is expected to grow rapidly during 2010–16.
 With the Indian middle class consumer ready to spend more and be a part of global lifestyle and culture, coffee parlors in the country are on an expansion spree. From small-sized coffee parlors to classy coffee lounges leading coffee retailers such as Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, and Costa Coffee have all been fighting hard to lure India’s growing middle class.
 According to our analysis Coffee Chains market in India will witness phenomenal growth in near future. The outlook for the café outlet market in India seems very promising as the overall consumer spending is increasing in the country. Rising per capita income, increased literacy and rapid urbanization have caused rapid growth and change in demand patterns. The availability of more disposable income is driving consumers to experience high end products. Having said this, the players in the industry need to be more innovative in order to gain a big share of the ever growing coffee consumption market in India.
 “India Coffee Shops / Cafes Market Outlook 2016” discusses the following aspects related to Coffee Chains in India:
 • Market Size & Revenues
 • Market Potential By Outlet & Region
 • Coffee Consumption Trends
 • Consumer Behavior
 • Market Trends & Developments
 • Policy & Regulatory Landscape
 • Franchising Opportunities
 “India Coffee Shops / Cafes Market Outlook 2016” gives detailed and unprejudiced overview on the coffee chains market in India. Report has critically evaluated all the aspects related to coffee shops market and helps reader to get complete overview on latest trends and coffee parlors market potential in India. It will help readers to get familiar with current and expected future trends with respect to the Indian Coffee Chains market.
 1. Executive summary
 2. Indian Coffee Market Landscape
 3. Indian Coffee Chain Market Outlook 2016
 3.1 Market Overview
 3.2 Key Players
 3.3 Market Potential by Outlet & Region
 4. Coffee Consumption Trends
 4.1 Per Capita Consumption
 4.2 Filter & Instant Coffee
 4.3 Share in Beverages Consumption
 4.4 Off Trade & On Trade Consumption
 4.5 Consumption by Region
 5. Consumer Behaviour
 5.1 Changing Lifestyle
 5.2 Rising Per Capita Income
 5.3 Spending on Beverages
 5.4 Rising Middle Class
 5.5 Young Population
 6. Market Trends & Development
 6.1 Rising Investments
 6.2 Merchandising
 6.3 Coffee Lounge
 6.4 Liqueur Coffee
 6.5 Focus on Food & Localize Menu
 7. Cafe Franchising
 8. Policy & Regulatory Framework
 9. Porters Five Force Analysis
 10. Key Players
 10.1 Cafe Coffee Day
 10.2 Barista Lavazza Café
 10.3 Java Green
 10.4 Coffee N U
 10.5 Costa Coffee
 10.6 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
 10.7 Mocha
 List of Figures
 Figure 2 1: Coffee Consumption (Tonnes), FY’09-FY’12
 Figure 3 1: Coffee Retail Outlet Market (Rs. Crore), 2010-2016
 Figure 3 2: All India Average Bill Amount across Coffee Chains (Rs.), 2010 & 2014
 Figure 3 3: Average Bill Amount across Coffee Chains in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, NCR, Chennai, Kolkata & (Rs.), 2010
 Figure 3 4: Share of Beverages in Coffee Retail Outlet Market Revenue (%), 2010 & 2014
 Figure 3 5: Factors Affecting the Choice of Coffee Outlet (%), 2010
 Figure 3 7: Top Five Visible Coffee Chain Brands, 2010
 Figure 3 6: Percentage of Customer Willing to Visit Various Coffee Outlet Again (%), 2010
 Figure 3 8: Minimum & Maximum Outlet Potential
 Figure 3 9: Coffee Retail Outlet Market Potential by Region (%)
 Figure 4 1: India Per capita Coffee Consumption Comparison
 Figure 4 2: Average Number of Tea & Coffee Cups Consumed Per Day
 Figure 4 3: Average Number of Coffee Cups Consumed during Summer & Winter
 Figure 4 4: All India Coffee Consumption by Instant & Filter Coffee, 2010
 Figure 4 5: South India Coffee Consumption by Instant & Filter Coffee, 2010
 Figure 4 6: Share of Coffee in All type of Beverage Consumption, 2010
 Figure 4 7: Off Trade v/s On Trade Consumption of Coffee (%), 2010
 Figure 4 8: Breakup of On Trade Consumption by Outlet (Hotels, Coffee Chain, Canteen, etc.), 2010
 Figure 4 9: All India Coffee Consumption by Zones (%), 2010
 Figure 4 10: Off Trade v/s On Trade Consumption by Zones (%), 2010
 Figure 4 11: All India Filter & Instant Coffee Consumption by Zones (%), 2010
 Figure 5 1: Percapita Income (Rs.), FY’09 & FY’10
 Figure 5 3: Number of Middle Income Households (Million)
 Figure 5 2: Share of Middle Class Household in Total Households (%), FY’10
 Figure 5 4: Population by Age Structure (%), 2010
 Figure 5 5: All India Coffee Drinking Consumer Profile by Age Group (%)
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