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A plate full of uniqueness

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Millions of vehicle owners use Standard UK number plates on their vehicles. Nothing distinguishes those vehicles - be they cars, motorbikes, disability vehicles, commercial vehicles or agricultural vehicles, from other vehicles of similar make, model and colour. But for owners that want to truly differentiate their vehicles from the millions of "others", show plates offer a unique opportunity to do so.

Like your personality, each vehicle has a personality of its own. Why settle for "standard", when you can put your personalized stamp of uniqueness on your vehicle.  By doing so, not only do you make your vehicle easily identifiable amongst a parking lot full of similar vehicles, but you also give yours a character of its own.

Doing it right

Custom built show plates are offered by a number of plate designers these days. But if you want a truly satisfying experience when ordering one, you need to deal with a company that really knows its "stuff". An outfit with 20 years or so of experience in the trade is an ideal partner to help you design and produce the plate that is right for you.

Check to see what their shipping policy is. If they are as reputable as they claim to be, they should be able to ship your order the same day that you place it, provided your order is placed by a reasonable cut-off time - say by 3:00 PM. And they should not charge you a penny for shipping either - it should be free!

Many producers of number plates, be they show plates or legal style plates, will often charge you separately for a fixing kit. If yours does, then you are better off not doing business with them. A good dealer should offer fixing accessories free of cost.

The right tools

Ideally, you should have your plates produced by a company that offers excellent online tools so you can create and submit your unique plate design online. In today's technology-driven environment, you shouldn't have to make a trip to a store and work with an associate to develop one for you.

Show plates should be designed using interactive design tools, offering numerous options and selections for font, colour, background, borders and badges. The tools should be easy to use, even offering you the flexibility to import your own personalised graphics as badges for your plates. Absolutely essential is the ability to view the results of your design at every step. This allows you the ability to quickly change the elements you don't like, and have a final life-size "per spec" preview of the final product.

Last but not least, only do business with an online vendor that offers safe and secure payment processing through their website. 


Contact us

At we make the chore of creating online custom show plates simple and fun. All our plates are hand crafted using the best materials available anywhere. Log on to our website to design your own, or contact us at for more information.


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