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Information on Mal-Shi Puppies for Sale and Its History

by ElizabethJ

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People who like to keep dogs as pet will always prefer pure breeds. Pure dog breeds are extremely popular and are considered as the only dog with a documented ancestry. Pure breeds also have a documented pedigree as well as specific characteristics of the breed they represent. Pure breeds are also considered as selective bred, or inbred, in order to retain and strengthen their genetic traits.

Among different pure breed puppies, two popular pure breeds are the Shih Tzu and the Maltese. They both are ancient breeds originated in China and Malta. During these days they have gained lots of popularity because of their specific desirable traits. Maltese and Shih Tzu mixed have also gained maximum recognition among the pet owners because of their excellent quality. The mixed of a Maltese and Shih Tzu breed is called as Mal-Shi. Today, you can find the mal-shi puppies for sale store almost at every shopping mall. They are available online too.

Generally the mixed breeds are called as “mutts”, at the same time the mixed of two pure breed puppies are often known as a crossbreed or, most commonly as hybrid. During these days, these hybrid puppies are available with proper health certification and documentation. Mixing of two different pure breed puppies are considered to result in a better overall dog as the combination from both the parents dogs results in a well genetically formed puppy. These hybrid dogs are also considered more active and lively than the normal ones.

As mentioned earlier mal-shi puppies for sale is very popular as a pet. They will have characteristics of both its parents. They have silky fur with matching wave in hairs and varying colors. They are strongly hypoallergenic and sheds very little or no hairs. Mal-shi dogs are genetically very active, energetic, and social. While keeping at your home, they can be your best friend as they remain alert all the time. They are likely to bark when they see an inquisitive person or object. They are also playful with children and can be the best pal of your kids in leisure hours. As the mal-shi comes from two breeds with long histories and it is no surprise that owners believe this mix benefits from both lines of ancestry.

The shih-tzu puppies, on the other hand, has a very ancient history as they date back to at least 17th century Tibet and China and may be as much as 2000 years old. They are believed to be a cross between Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. These most popular toy dogs are sturdy and have two coats of soft, silky, multi-colored fur. They possess a stubborn, intelligent, and energetic kind of nature. Although they may have various health problems such as ocular disease and spinal problems, their coats are high-maintenance and require daily brushing.

It is also very common to find the maltese puppies for sale shop nowadays. Maltese puppies are often pronounced as mawl-tees and they may date back 28 years. They originated from the island Malta and has not changed significantly in the intervening years. They have single coat of long, silky white fur with dark eyes and a black nose.

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