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Creative Fixes with Helical Piers

by anonymous

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Helical piers are increasingly becoming the most versatile foundation tools. With manufacturers coming up with ideas and proposed uses, they tend to be mid-road-thinkers, with minimal creativity and virtually never the overlooked ideas that come from difficult situation.


Most people know that helical piers are excellent for foundation support and redemption. And most contractors do exactly that. Another very common use of helical piers is in building construction sites where they are installed in a predetermined capacity. During this installation, the structure’s grade beam is positioned on the piers for support.


You have probably seen someone wire on utility poles. These poles are held in place by helical piers, and it has been so for years. They are also used to provide support for other towers such as TV, radio and other communication masts. You can also use helical piers to provide support for signs and other vertical objects that are subject to strong with pressures such as billboards, scoreboards or pressure boxes.


Now, these are creative uses of helical piers. These piers can also be used to provide vertical or horizontal support for second storey sunrooms. Basement walls tend to get pushed in by hydrostatic pressure, freezing and backfill. You can use helical to tier these. The same applies with retaining walls, which include wood and concrete block. Sheet piles, often used in industries, can be tied back using helical piles to prevent collapse.


Temporary walls in construction tend to need a tie back to prevent wind loads during the construction process. These tie backs bring stability, especially during flood times to retaining walls in the water. Speaking of water, you can also use these piers to provide support for boat garage’s foundation. Helical piers are also a common appearance on boardwalks where they offer support to the abutments for bridges. They can also be used to provide suspension for utility pipes thus preventing them from sinking in poor soil conditions. They can also be used to hold buildings as well as other items while adjacent work is in progress.


This is not all you can do with helical piers. As you can see, a little creativity can expand an excellent solution like helical piers into a wide range of uses for different kinds of problems. If you are a contractor looking for a helical pier expert, then be sure to find one that can use these piers in all kinds of applications. You will realize that expertise ad creativity is a winning combination for a helical pier installation.

Sebastian is a foundation repair expert in waterproofing and foundation repair methods for crack repairs and equipments like push piers, helical anchors, helical piers, helix anchors, helical pile etc. He has inspected over thousands structures and working with engineering firms. He is here to share his profound knowledge with homeowners and home builders.

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