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Acupuncture – a rising field of medicine

by eversmith

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Acupuncture is known worldwide for its holistic approach for treating long term diseases. This branch of medicine has come a long way from being a traditional Chinese medicine to an established branch of treatment. Now there are various kinds of courses available that can be taken by the students who are from medicine background and want to pursue it as a career. There are various colleges and training centers that provide comprehensive long term and short term courses for learning the various methodologies of acupuncture.

For becoming professional acupuncturists, students need to complete a master’s degree program in acupuncture. The experts of this field say that the science of acupuncture is based upon the fact that there are energy pathways in our body that are needed to be activated. The acupuncturists do this by inserting special kinds of needles into the skin of the patient. These needles stimulate the nerves situated under the skin which results in relieving from the pain. There is no need to consume any kind of drugs made by using chemicals. Due to this reason and by listening to the good experiences of people who have already taken this treatment, many people are becoming interested in trying this treatment. This has increased the demand of people who have undergone acupuncture training.

The state of mind of a patient taking acupuncture treatment also affects his condition. Many such facts about this old science have made it all the more interesting. When trained for practicing acupuncture as a career, students learn to treat the patient as a whole and not only treat the symptoms of the disease. They get to learn various other related sciences too such as massage therapy, naturopathy, herbal therapy, chiropractic care and much more. The main courses that are covered during the three year long master degree program of acupuncture training are palpitation, botanical medicine, needle manipulation and moxibustion. After the theoretical part of the training is completed, the students are required to take a hand on training for practice. They perform the acupuncture techniques that they learnt during their study under the supervision of a licensed acupuncturist.

Certification for acupuncturists is provided by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Different states have different regulations while offering this certification to the acupuncture students so before enrolling for a professional acupuncture course, you should check the laws of your state. Various diseases like hypertension, depression, headache, allergies, body ache, arthritis, etc. can be affectively treated by the use of acupunctural therapies. People are losing their trust in medicines as many cases of selling fake medicines have already taken place in the market. Even the degrees of many practitioners who have practiced medicine for years have been found to possess fake degrees. Now people are saying that if natural ways of healing are available, why go for consuming chemical-made medicines?

No person who has taken the treatment of acupuncture has ever reported the occurrence of any side effect from this therapy. It is more of a natural way of fighting with diseases which the allopathic medicines fail to do.

The is an Institute of Chinese medicine in Ireland that offers various professional level courses like acupuncture training, TCM, Chinese herbalism and Tuina. After completing these courses, the bachelor degree will be awarded by the internationally recognized Nanjing University of Chinese medicine.

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