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What Makes The Deadliest Catch and Russ Herriott Exciting

by shanamillikan

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There is a growing interest in of reality TV shows these days. While surfing the networks, you may find yourself flipping through many reality TV shows. People naturally have a certain fascination with other people's lives; and reality TV provides them easy access to just that. It gives them a peek into the lives of other individuals who are unfamiliar to them, making it all relatable somehow to one's own life.

The late Phil Harris and his sons, Jake and Josh, are managed by Russ Herriott in Deadliest Catch -- a hit reality TV show that portrays the interesting real life events on medium-sized fishing vessels pursuing King Crab in the hostile Bering Sea. While not everyone knows with the sufferings of crab fishermen, the tv show was able to amass a good following, and even got a number of Emmy awards. So exactly what is it with reality TV that catches people's attention?

Exciting Location

Reality TV shows are a hit because they present a location that the audiences know, but not essentially familiar with. Nobody knows about the uncertainties of crab fishing on a rough and chilly sea except those who have lived it, which may be why Russ Herriott saw Deadliest Catch having potential for the Harris family.
Fantasy VS Reality

A number of reality TV programs experiment with extremes by combining adverse elements in one location such as "Dual Survival," while others set "normal" people in unusual conditions where they meet one-of-a-kind obstacles.

Some viewers are passive while others are a lot more inquisitive. Curious audiences delight in placing themselves in the shoes of the featured individuals on these programs to mentally test themselves, ascertaining how they would behave in similar circumstances. Having the viewers to play with their imagination entices a lot more attention and keep them mentally testing themselves with every show.

Most reality TV programs that have made a mark with the viewers put forward uncommon and challenging scenarios and areas. Reality TV programs could be so inviting that some audiences actually audition for these programs. If you feel you are prepared to get on a reality TV show, see to find out how you can do it.

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