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Internet Advertising 2013 - Market Report

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Executive Summary

In 2010 and 2011, the Internet advertising market observed annual double-digit growth, following a more subdued performance in 2009, when expenditure on online advertising increased by just 5.7%. This reflects the slightly more optimistic market observed over the past few of years, following the recession of 2008/2009, which served to weaken marketing budgets and thus expenditure on advertising, including online adspend.

While the wider advertising market has continued to remain subdued, Internet advertising has flourished, buoyed by the continued migration of consumers online, as well as the proliferation of Internet-enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. The expansion of the online audience and, in particular, the mobile audience, has provided significant opportunities for advertisers in recent years, with over 50% of UK residents now thought to own a smartphone, while approximately 11% own a tablet device. On top of this, mobile users are now thought to be spending more time using their mobile devices, which have becoming increasingly sophisticated in recent years and now provide a range of functions, from browsing the Web, text messaging and checking e-mails, to shopping online, visiting social networking sites and playing games. In spite of the growing popularity of mobile advertising, however, it still only represents a relatively small proportion of total Internet adspend, at around 4.2%; although, this is up from 1.1% in 2009 and 2% in 2010, with further growth expected in the near future.
While online search has remained the largest subcategory within the digital marketing mix, representing 56.6% of total Internet adspend in 2012, it is display advertising that has experienced the greatest growth in recent years. This is principally down to the continued development of online content services, such as on-demand or catch-up television and other digital entertainment services, and mobile applications (‘apps’), along with the ongoing popularity of social networking sites and e-commerce websites.

Key Note forecasts that Internet advertising expenditure will observe strong double-digit growth over the next 5 years; although, growth will not reach the heights experienced in 2010 and 2011, due to the ongoing economic difficulties currently being experienced in the UK, which are likely to continue to have a dampening effect on overall marketing and advertising budgets over the coming years. However, the continued rollout of superfast broadband across the UK, in-keeping with current Government ambitions, along with the introduction of the first fourth generation (4G) mobile communications standards over the next few years, will serve to boost Internet penetration across the country and facilitate the continued migration of consumers to online channels and, in particular, mobile channels. Indeed, Key Note expects mobile adspend to see significant increases over the next 5 years, as advertisers continue to follow the consumer to the mobile Internet.

Overall, Key Note forecasts Internet advertising expenditure to almost double between 2013 and 2017, growing by 56.5% over the 5-year period. The display sector is expected to perform particularly well, outpacing growth in other categories, including search and classifieds, throughout the forecast period.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Strategy Overview
The Total UK Advertising Market
Internet Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Ownership and Use of Home Computers
Ownership and Use of Mobile Phones
Internet Access and Activity
Leading Websites
Online Advertising Agencies
Audit Bureau of Circulations
Advertising Standards Authority
Association of Online Publishers
Digital Trading Standards Group
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising
Internet Advertising Bureau
Internet Advertising Sales House
Market Analysis
By Advertising Format
By Industry
The Online Audience
Access to Broadband
Cost of Broadband
Return on Investment
Growth in E-Commerce
Social Networking Sites
Advertising Networks
Digital Entertainment TV Services
Growth of New Display Formats
Mobile Internet Advertising
Internet Users Spending More Time Online
PEST Analysis

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Internet Advertising 2013 - Market Report


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