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Reverse Collar: What’s With the Newest Trend in Men’s Design

by urunique

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There’s a new trend in European dress shirts and it’s starting to make its way across the Atlantic and is now showing up online available here in the U.S.  It’s something that you might not notice the second you look at the shirt, but when you see it, you’ll be surprised and intrigued.  I’m referring, of course, to the reverse collar.  It’s a collar with an extra fold so it ends pointed up instead of down. If you’ve never seen one you’re probably thinking, “Wait, what? How is that possible?  What does that look like? How does it stay folded up?”  Well, no matter the designer or the style, there is always a very strategically placed button on the collar, not too high, not too low, but just in the right spot to keep the collar folded perfectly back up.  This allows designers like Franck Michel to show a classy contrasting color look on the collar, playing with a different color on the underside of the collar. 

For an example of a designer playing with this contrast color collar look, check out Franck Michel’s Miami Blue, available in the States for $149 at It sure isn’t the only Franck Michel offering on that features a reverse collar.  While that price point puts it solidly in the luxury tier of Designer shirts for men these shirts have all the other components of a luxury shirt that you would expect.  The material is the finest Italian cotton, and fit is extra slim.  I love the extra slim fit personally, but it isn’t for everyone and you have to be careful selecting your size.  Franck Michel is a design house in the heart of Paris that is famous around Europe for this trend and is just starting to bring this look to the U.S.

So what are these shirts good for?  Well they aren’t ideal for wearing with a tie, so they might not be perfect for wearing to work for some folks.  On the other hand, they are perfect for a night out.  The thing I love about these shirts, is the attention you get when you are wearing them.  Stylish people notice the details like the reverse collar and are certain to ask you about it.  I’ve never had so many people interested in my shirt as when I wear a reverse collar like this.  For me, that’s always a good thing.  When I go out I’m always aiming to meet new people and if we can start out on the right foot because of my unique and stylish designer shirt that’s great for me. Trust me you’ll meet the right people wearing a shirt like this, if you know what I’m saying.

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