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Create unique T- shirts with cheap shirt printing techniques

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Cheap screen printing can create a superb shirt for you. Through this unique method you can create exclusive apparel for yourself. Would you like to do so? Currently there are several printing tactics that have emerged. However screen printing method has stood the test of time and remains to be used widely. This is mainly due to its cost effectiveness.

Large purchases are done and with the help of a stencil all the shirts can be printed. At any shop you can find screen printed shirts. This is one of the cheap shirt printing techniques. It is a hit among the younger generation. You can see almost anywhere and everywhere. These days it has become a trend. Many people wear this to have a distinct identity of their own. They want to put across their thoughts as well as ideas through this. The shirt or t-shirt gets customized through shirt printing procedure. You can get this done from a reliable screen printing vendor nearby if you want to get it done. You can perform it yourself if you are interested in it by following few simple steps given below. You require a computer with printer, emulsion, acetate, masking tape, coating through, clean screen and Light box. Once all this have been done.

Once you have prepared almost all these things, you're now all set to start the process. Below are the directions:

Make a pattern of your wish. It can be a picture of your favorite cartoon or scenery. You can also try your personal hand or Photoshop or any kind of application. You can also search the net for any modern art. Just take out a print your current style artwork in any transparency or acetate. Take the emulsion and add it to the coating trough. With the help of emulsion coat it now. It would dry in a few minutes. While drying it do not expose it to light. Bring in the screen to light box. Just wait for a couple of minutes. Then clean the screen through tap water. Then you would see that your artwork is being displayed on the screen.

For the areas that have been completely exposed protect it with masking tapes. Do not overlook anything as it might have an effect on the quality of screen printing. Put your style artwork with the screen. Then position the t-shirt to the work surface. Do not neglect it by means of fastening the machine.

Use ink application on the screen. Take out the t shirt immediately after this step.

Repeat similar steps for the consequent t-shirts that need this unique print.

Allow the ink to be cured for some time. When the shirts have been completely dried they are ready for use. Your screen printed shirt is ready for use.

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