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Quality MRI Coils at Direct MedParts

by directmedparts

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Medical industry is absolutely incomplete without MRI machines. It is really essential to have a good solution that not just maintains these vital systems but also give assurance for eminent circumstances.Direct MedParts is one of the well known companies that deal in parts of MRI. Working for the last 20 years, the avowed intent of this enterprise is just to repair all the MRI machines and other imaging scan machine parts. MRI coil or CT tube, this company has a solution for all of them. The 24x7 customer support allows medical industry to get preferred product from this company.


How we help?

Senior veteran founders of this company had a special focus on MRI Coil as they knew significance of this stuff in medical ground. Consequently, they decided to assist all those medical centers with repair and replacement policy for the parts of MRI. Direct MedParts has an exceptionally brilliant repo in the market and therefore, it obtrudes people to trust this organization for MRI machine stuffs especially MRI coils. Serving the industry with quality and tested products, it never does any raw deal with the customers.

They vow to deliver desired and functional parts of MRI to dodge any looming accident.


Other Services:

Other than repairing MRI coils, the company provides some more services.

  • Replacement of MRI parts: All the parts of MRI machine are available at this company at a budgeted cost.
  • Repair MRI Coils: This is the forte of the company. 
  • Provides MRI Injector Unit: Customers can also order MRI injector Unit.
  • Repair, Replace and Supply CT Tubes: Parts of CT including tubes are also supplied by this company. 


Types of Coils and Parts:

Coils: Sundry coils and parts of MRI are available at this store. It mainly includes:

  • 8 Channel GE MRI Coils
  • 8 Channel High resolution brain coil
  • Quadrature Extremity coil


Parts: Some other parts of MRI are also available:

  • Solid State RF Amplifier for GE MRI
  • Gradient Amplifier for GE MRI
  • Online Acuvar Suppressor
  • Main disconnect Power Panel



Below are some advantages of Direct MedParts MRI Coil:

  • Quality Approved: Quality of all MRI parts and coils is sanctioned by seemly authorities.
  • Tested: Tested properly before supply and replacement.
  • Affordable: Justified cost of the products.
  • Safe and Functional Guarantee: The company takes guarantee for safe and functional products.
  • On-time delivery: Right from its inception, the company has never delayed any consignment.
  • Blue Chip Company: With it’s exceptionally good customer service and product range, it has now listed its name in blue chip companies of medical industry.



All the parts of MRI available in Direct MedParts are 100% authentic. From its past records, new leads can easily trust this company for repairing or replacement of MRI coils. They have a team of expert and efficient technicians to carry out these jobs. Whatever the doubt or issue is, this company resolves it at he earliest to slake customer’s expectation. In short, the medical industry has now a trustworthy name for MRI maintenance services and that is Direct MedParts.


Mr. Johan Burger is an expert in MRI and CT Equipment parts Advisor. He has years of experience servicing the medical imaging equipment, parts and service market. He works with DirectMed Parts. He writes about various GE MRI Coils and Refurbished MRI.

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