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How to prepare for IGNOU exam

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The best method to prepare for IGNOU exam is by going through the previous year’s exam papers. Normally, it can be hard to go through the entire study material that is prescribed for a course in a short time span. Thus, during such situation, it is good to check on the previous year’s question papers and analyze the way in which the questions are asked.

Preparing for the answers?

Once you read the question thoroughly, it is always a good method to write the answers using sub headings. Explain each answer with subheading in a detail format in your own words.  Write the answer to the point without deviating from the question. An extra depth to your answer can be given with live examples.  For example, you can quote about any organization or firm that you are aware of.

When it comes to lengthy question, it is better to write down the points. This will help you to explain each of those points in detail. Every point that is explained should be in your own words. In addition, write your answers in such a way that it makes sense. Giving real time examples in two or three lines, would be more apt. When you give examples, your answers look lengthy and to-the-point. This also helps in fetching more marks.

Though, preparing for the IGNOU exams by going through the previous year’s question papers is a good method to follow, yet without knowing the syllabus, it can be tough. Hence, get hold of a study material, and check out various books for references and study. Surfing through the net, can be the right thing to do here. Follow a study plan to prepare for the test. Find out the areas that you are week in. Try to take the mock test that is available online. Note down your mistakes add correct yourself.

When you face your final exam, read the questions carefully! Answering all the questions is important. Don’t be anxious during the exam, since this might fail you. What may seem easy for others might look tough for you.


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