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Factors leading to pityriasis Alba -

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This term mainly refers to a disorder of the skin that mainly affects the age group under-20. This infection characterizes like certain patches of a lighter shade than that of the skin & creates an impression on the face & in rare cases around the neck, upper chest & the arms. These bumps mainly do not carry any borders. Sometimes, they appear like a fine quality skin camouflaging the bumps which resembles light dust settled on the skin. Since they are white in color, they are more evident on the darker skinned people. This condition can be sometimes correlated with the symptoms of eczema.

• Symptoms:

1. Round or oval patches that impact on the face.
2. Slight measures of scaling.
3. Presence of patches those are white in color.

• Causes:

1. There are certain unknown causes for this infection to appear.
2. It leads to adverse effects if affected on the rashes of the dry skin.
3. Since it is associated with mild terms of eczema, it can be caused due to the applications of fragrant soaps, certain detergents & many other cosmetic products.
4. Also stress factors & addiction to smoking, can be the cause of such infection.
5. Genetic or hereditary components can trigger the aspects of this infection.

In rare cases, this disorder is correlated with tinea versicolor which affects the immunity system due to the presence of the fungus on the skin. Pityriasis Alba & vitiligo are different concepts which are distinguished by the border circulating the rash. It consists of a distinct boundary that is featured with a sharp line separating the normal & light color of the skin.

• Treatment:

1. Application of certain creams & lotions that are well medicated is recommended for the treatment of this disorder.
2. It is necessary to maintain the moisture level of the skin to avoid harmful effects.
3. When infected, the person must not make use of perfumed soaps, shower gels or any other cosmetic products.
4. If you need to stay outdoors, make use of the sunscreen lotions that contain high proportion of SPF in it to protect them from harmful ultraviolet rays.
5. Making the use of moisturizer or hydrocortisone can prevent the outcome of the patches & provide relief to the skin.
6. Incorporate pragmatar lotion, lac-hydrin which are recommended & has shown effective results.
7. Steroid creams are also an important option.



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