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London Has A Surprisingly Active Canadian Scene

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It’s not hard to see why so many people have fallen in love with Canada. Then sweeping landscape, the picturesque snow covered firs, the roaring log fires. It’s a world away from the grey streets of London, and on a drab, rainy day in the capital such a beautiful nation seems like a winter wonderland.

England and Canada have always had a special bond. It all started in 1763 when the French ceded the majority of their territory in North America to the British. Since then, Canadian culture has been influenced by its English brother and the nation’s identity is a curious mixture of British and American with a smattering of French. Many are surprised to see the Queen’s face adorning the Canadian dollar but we still share the same monarchy and the ties between the two countries are still very strong. For this reason, a lot of Canadians have chosen to take up residence in Britain and London is with little pockets of their culture. and Canadian influences tend to creep into life in subtle way.

The iconic Canadian breakfast for example, is served in many places throughout the city. Warm, fluffy pancakes, stacked high and then drenched with thick maple syrup. Crumbly oatmeal and peanut cookies, infused with the flavour of maple syrup. Deliciously crisp bacon drizzled with, er, maple syrup. It’s all a bit ridiculous, but as you settle down to your morning lake of syrup, you can’t help but laugh. It’s nice to share that first breakfast with an ex pat, someone who knows the culture and whose face with light up with laughter as you stare with disbelief at your sweet morning meal. Who better than an independent Canadian escort, after an amazing night out? If you’re not a massive fan of the golden nectar you’re in a bit of trouble but there’s always a nice cup of coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed OJ to fall back on.

It’s not like she’ll mind: Canadians are famous for their friendly humour and good nature. Whatever else happens, you can always rely on a Canadian for a warm welcome. This is summed up perfectly by the Canada Club, which aims to provide a forum for anyone to discuss Canadian issues and interests. They hold bi-annual dinners, focussed on bringing expats and enthusiasts together under one roof for a night of fun and frivolity. The elegant dinner  and subsequent socialising can be very off-putting for a single person, who may feel isolated in the midst of all these good friends. An elegant London escort can be the perfect solution to this as they provide excellent company and they’re always up for a great night out. Whether you’re a Canadian far from home or just enamoured with the magic of that snowswept wonderland, there’s nothing better than embracing the Canuck spirit and enjoying all the pleasures that London has to offer.

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