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How to avoid fraud when buying CharlestonSouthCarolina homes

by NatWallen

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A home is the most important investment that most Americans will ever make. You’ll certainly feel a sense of accomplishment on the day that you finally move into your own house. Unfortunately, there are many con artists out there waiting to fleece homebuyers out of their hard-earned money through cunning fraudulent schemes. As a homebuyer it is your responsibility to protect yourself from falling victim to such people. You can protect yourself from conmen by working closely with Charleston SC real estate attorneys and other trustworthy agents like registered real estate agents. A homebuyer must take certain important measures before closing the deal on a piece of real estate in Charleston SC.


The first safety measure that you must observe is to never close or pay any money for Charleston South Carolina homes until you have verified the authenticity of the seller beyond any doubt. If you fail to adequately verify the names, address and personal contacts of a seller as well as the validity of the title to the property, you could end up a victim of property fraud. A person can sell you a piece of Charleston SC real estate that isn't his after forging the ownership documents. Other fraudsters will sell you non-existent property. To be on the safe side, insist on viewing homes in Charleston on sale to satisfy that the home exists in the condition that the seller says it’s in. Go ahead and contract a home inspector to look the property over and if possible speak to the next-door neighbors. In addition, ask the seller to avail all the documents in respect of the Charleston SC real estate and then have a qualified person go through them.


If you are satisfied with the property and the papers seem in order, you can then start negotiations. Again, it’s a good precaution to have a property lawyer guide you as you iron out a deal over homes in Charleston South Carolina. You need an attorney because some property agents prey on buyers’ ignorance to defraud them. For instance, if you are buying your first home you may not be familiar with some of the jargon contained in the legal documents. Sensing this, an unscrupulous seller can put you in a very unfavorable situation. As a rule, you mustn’t sign anything you don't understand. If possible, have a real estate attorney look at the agreements before you sign them.


Sometimes people sell the Charleston South Carolina homes in which they are currently living. If you buy a house that a seller currently inhabits ensure he vacates before you close the deal. If he doesn't, withhold a portion of the payment until he does. Ensure that you receive all the items that should be handed over to you like keys before you close. A person should not continue staying in a house that he/she has sold to you even for just one extra day.


Additionally, since buying and selling homes is fraught with risks, always take out title insurance for the full price of the house just in case something goes wrong.



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