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Doubts over language learning

by anonymous

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In the present world where technology rules in everybody’s life, the world seems to have shrunken. We can commute from one corner of the world to another in few hours with the help of airplanes and converse with people located miles away from us instantly with the help of internet and telephones. However, although we are united by technology, we are divided by languages. The only element that hinders the free flow of ideas and thoughts across the boundaries is ‘language’ as people belonging to different parts of the world speak different languages. And hence emerges a need of language learning. However, many doubts and questions hover in the minds of people when it comes to language learning. In this article I have compiled several FAQs regarding language learning. Below is the list-

1. Why to learn a language: Many people wish to take a plunge into language learning but seek for a reason to do so. Their desperation to seek for a reason to learn language is nothing but the act of grappling for a strong reason to get persuaded to do so. Well, if that is the case for you too, then one of the following reasons shall definitely help you out. Some of the reasons for learning language could be emigration to a foreign land, dealing with foreign business delegates, travel, exploring cultures, research, cultivating a hobby, interacting with foreigners etc.

2. What all tools and materials are required: Now that a person has sought out a reason to learn a language the next question that comes up in the mind is- ‘what all tools and materials are required to do so’. Well, various tools and materials are available in the market, such as text books, audio cassettes, compact discs, dictionaries, phrasebooks, flash cards, workbooks, etc. One can choose any of these tools to learn a language.

3. What is the best way: The answer to this depends upon you as it varies from person to person. If you have ample amount to spend on language learning than pursuing a traditional course would be the best option for you. However, for a working professional who can’t seek out time from his/her busy schedule an ‘online language training course’ might be the best option as one can learn language at ease as per the availability of time. Similarly if one has to learn a language for making his/her abroad tour trouble-free, then a mere booklet might help. So, it depends upon person to person as to what could be the best way for him/her to learn language.

4. How to seek out time for that: For many, seeking out time from their busy schedule could be quite a challenge. Well, however difficult it might be, you will have to do it. Steal time out of your busy schedule. Make use of audio learning to learn on the move (i.e. while you travel). Learn through an online training course as it comes with the advantage of time flexibility. Through an online training course you can study whenever you get time as it is available 24x7.

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