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Different Aspects Of Security And Management

by Maggie

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A penetration testcan be defined as the method, which can be used to evaluate the security of computer in the computer system, and as well an attack from outsiders malicious (who have no access to use the system). This can also contain some malicious inside it (those who can provide the authorized access to it). By the use of penetration test one can uncover the security issues. This can involve the security. This is full of the security audit and this will require both ongoing penetration testing and annual testing.

The log management can refer to an approach which can deal with the large volume of computer generated log messages which can be called as event logs, audit trails, audit records also. This can cover the all log collection, log analysis as well as log search and searching. By the reasons of security, network operations and system one can make the use of log management. This can make their log management intelligence tools and this is a complicated process. Many of the organizations made mistakes when making the use of it. The commercial vendors can acquire this management.

The fingerprint recognition can also be defined as the fingerprint authentication. Here the match can be verified between the two persons. This can identify the individual and also used to identify their identity.

The fingerprints can have the two types such as:-

We can make use of these to analyze the fingerprints when two fingers do not show that they are identical.

  • Pattern.
  • Minutia.

Pattern: -

Three main patterns of the fingerprint can be as follows:-

  1. Loop: -In this from one side of finger ridge can pass, then form curve and then on the same side exit can take place.
  2. 2.      Arch: -In this ridge enter from one side of the finger, then form an arc in the center and then this can exit from the other side of the finger.
  3. Whorl: -On this ridge can be formed a circle around a center point of the finger.


Minutia: -

The major features of the minutia can be defined as:

  1. Ridge ending: - This is a point where a ridge terminates.
  2. Bifurcation: -The single ridge splits can be divided into the two ridges.
  3. Short ridge: - This can be called as a dot. As compared to the average ridge length, they are shorter.


The fingerprints developed on the paper, they are identical and they have highest average quality. To support this system the reasons should be reasonable. Because of its unique characteristics, it is widely used in agencies. This is a valuable tool among all technologies.

Maggie Thomas writes about QoS and Log Management. For more details visit fingerprint readers.

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