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How to Clean Silver Fingerprint Jewellery with Vinegar?

by preciouslittle

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Silver fingerprint is a recent trend in jewellery industry. The demand is so high that silver fingerprint jewellery manufacturers have started taking orders online. Even some of the biggest names of the jewellery design industry have started designing fingerprint jewellery pieces. Fingerprint jewellery has an advantage that it goes well with almost any attire and is a perfect gift for almost any occasion.

Silver fingerprint jewellery like all other silver jewellery pieces gets tarnished because of the presence of sulphur in air. Sulphur can result in the deposition of a black, brown or yellow layer over the silver fingerprint jewellery. Thankfully, this layer can be easily removed, leaving your silver fingerprint jewellery is all new and glossy condition. Here is a small and easy method that you can apply on your silver fingerprint jewellery in order to remove the layer of tarnish. Not only fingerprint jewellery, this method works well on all pieces of silver jewellery.

You would need a small container to make the solution, a spoon for mixing the solution and a soft cloth for cleaning the silver fingerprints jewellery once the application is applied. To make the solution, you would need half a cup of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and some cold water, preferably distilled. Make sure that you use white vinegar and not brown.

Pour all the ingredients in the small container and mix the solution with the help of a spoon. A bubbling reaction is indication that you have prepared the perfect solution. Now keep your silver fingerprint jewellery in the solution contained in the small container. Keep it soaked in the solution for three to four hours. Now remove the jewellery from the solution and rinse it under cold water. Use a soft cloth to clean and dry the silver fingerprint jewellery.

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