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Can you imagine life without mobile phones? For people who survived an era where landline dominated, it’s very hard to remember how they could have managed to communicate with their families, friends and colleagues and keep all those meetings and blind dates without SMS. Can you imagine the Internet without Google? The search engine has become so well-entrenched into our lives that it’s very hard to fathom how people managed during the pre-Google era. So it makes sense for web Development Company in India to affiliate with search engines for its online marketing campaign, right?

Shackledby search engines

When people have a question or problem in mind, they turn to search engine for help. This behaviour could not be avoided and, in fact, should be used to your advantage. But Google, Yahoo! and Bing are making too much money in the process through search ads and PPCs. Say you are bidding for $4.00 per advert and that’s already stretching your ad budget to the limit (which impacts on your profit margin), then your competitors are already bidding at an average of $5.00, you have no choice but to increase your spending if you still want prime spot for your ad. And who do you think is the main beneficiary of all this haggling and bidding? Work with web Development Company in India that doesn’t rely too much on search engine-linked campaigns.

The value of search engines

So why is SEO marketing so prominent when it comes to e-commerce? If you are just starting, the value of Google could not be denied in driving new traffic to your site. This is why you need to employ the services of website Development Company in India to optimize your e-commerce site for better ranking in search engines. But it’s just as important to keep your customers as always looking for new ones.

Freedom from shackles

As you improve your non-search business core strategy, your budget for search ads in Google also decreases. In fact, this is already done by some web development companies in India by scaling up the e-marketing or e-newsletter, working with other sites through affiliate programs, social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, discussion boards and forums, blogs, and mobile services. These are just some of the tools that you can use to foster customer loyalty and also drive new traffic to your site. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket so to speak by anchoring your online strategy on paid search engine ads.

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