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Cannot insert Excel 4.0 Macros

by Dsmith

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For storing data, numerous software applications are available. MS-Excel is one of them. Nowadays, it is popularly used. The application is quite helpful in storing data and for performing heavy calculations. But at times, corruption ruins Excel workbook. Corruption occurs because of many reasons, such as sudden system shutdown, power outage, malicious virus, and application malfunction. Corrupt Excel workbook cannot be accessed. When you try to extract data from it, you remain unsuccessful. In such situations, there is a need to repair Excel file. A third-party Excel Repair tool is the best option.

Imagine a situation, wherein you save an Excel 2007 file that contains Excel 4.0 macro sheet in the .xlsb format. After closing the Excel file you open it again for setting a password to protect the file by selecting Protect structure and Windows option. You save the changes in the file and close it. A problem occurs when you open the file again after doing all the changes. An error message is received:

Cannot insert Excel 4.0 macros in a restricted or password protected workbook.”

When you click OK to recover the file every time you receive the same below error message:

"The workbook cannot be opened or repaired by Microsoft Excel because it is corrupt."

Above error message is received in the following situation:

  • Due to some shortcomings of the Excel file.

  • Corrupt Excel 2007 workbook also results in above error message.

By following some simple steps above error message can be easily solved:

  • A supported hotfix for MS-Office 2007 is quite helpful in solving the error.

  • If corrupt Excel file is creating a problem, then repair it by doing below steps:

  1. Open a recovered copy of the document.

  2. Run Open and Repair command.

  3. Use HTML format to save the file.

  4. Use the XML spreadsheet format to save the file.

  5. If the corrupted file has a chart in it, use macros to retrieve its data.

If problem remains as it is, then repair the file with the help of third-party Excel repair products. To repair excel file withthe help of these tools is an easy approach. There is no need for any extra efforts to search for the software. From Internet, rough idea can be taken about what a software actually performs? After repair, data of the corrupt Excel file can be accessed quite easily.

Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair is the finest utility to repair Excel file that has been corrupted or damaged due to any of the reason. Formatting of the Excel file remains unchangeable when you restore the file. It recovers all the objects of the Excel file such as tables, numbers and text from original Excel sheet. The tool is compatible with MS Excel 2007 2003, XP(2002), and 2000.

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