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Solution For Small IT Business At MCubx Call@9266174747

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VMC MCube X, the cloud receptionist solution, is built around the VMC MCube platform, and offers a unified, adaptive communication service that can be setup, provisioned and managed on demand for smooth communication, higher business productivity and excellent service delivery.  For its exceptionally low cost operations, it most suits the small entrepreneurs.


Whatever your business size, now you can get MCube X - a Cloud Receptionist that works 24/7, 365 days for a low monthly subscription. There is no need to hire a receptionist and install an EPBX system which together can cost a hefty amount.

MCube X is a Cloud receptionist that does much more than just receive and forward calls. It

    Works all hours all days and never misses an important business call.
    Forwards calls to iniduals, departments or separate offices, effectively connecting remote locations with a single number. There's no limit on extensions.
    Plays professionally recorded greetings.
    Allows you to record conversations to listen to and monitor later.
    Notifies all connected and missed calls via SMS and Email.
    Records all call details, including the date/time, duration, and the voice mail.
    Connects cell phone numbers to allow you and your employees to remain mobile.

Says Sundeep Misra of VMC Technologies, “Every incoming call is important for you as it might bring a potential revenue opportunity or even a customer querry. Efficient handling of every call and routing them to the right person with minimum delay, can make all the difference between winning and losing customers.” 

The MCube system works tirelessly with fool proof efficiency to capture, route and re-route incoming calls to pre-designated targets within your company irrespective of location. In the unlikely event of all lines being busy, the MCube system records all incoming call details, including a recorded voice mail from the caller, and then quickly routes the same to the designated receiver.  A full log of incoming calls is available to you or your managers, in real time, for review. 

A Boon for SMEs
“MCube X is affordable by businesses of any size indiscriminately giving a 'professional big company image' to the callers. MCube X costs less than even a decent evening meal with your family,” says Sundeep and adds, “you don't have to worry about any hardware, software or maintenance of the system.”
There are several benefits any business gets by using MCube X – a Cloud Receptionist.

    MCube X helps businesses project quick professional company image to the callers. You don't have to be a fortune 500 company to have a sophisticated telephony system.
    MCube helps businesses manage incoming calls much better and helps you retain your customers due to your responsiveness. 
    Using MCube you are always on top of the incoming calls as a result never lose any incoming business lead and gain more business.
    Mcube helps businesses improve ROI from their sales and marketing activities. No business however big or small wants to lose important calls resulting from a marketing campaign.
    MCube will efficiently and automatically redirect and redistribute all incoming calls to appropriate person irrespective of location or equipment they use. There is no manual intervention. The result is calls are attended in real-time and thus helping the company close more business and save money because the business does not need to hire anyone to redirect calls.
    Address calls appropriately by forwarding call to voice mail if there is no one to take your call.
    Address calls appropriately after business hours.
    Record conversation and follow up for any training purposes.
    Maintain follow up details, history and increase your business.

How does the service work?

Upon successful signup customers are assigned unique number(s) for receiving incoming business calls. An easy-to-navigate MCube GUI enables customers to configure

    Welcome greetings
    Executives/Departments/Offices, with their mobile #, to receive calls routed by the MCube system
    Setup rights and permissions to view and manage incoming call logs
    SMS, Email, Call Recording and Voice Mail features
    ‘Business Hour' and 'Post Business Hour' calls

The assigned unique telephone number becomes your company's official, or branded, number. When people call this number, the call is received by an auto attendant facility, which plays the customized welcome greeting for your company to the callers and offers them options/departments within the company to connect to, or lets them dial an extension if the caller already knows the extension of the person whom he or she wants to connect to.

According to Sundeep, MCube X is the most efficient cloud telephony solution available in the market today.  MCube is setup around standard land lines or mobile connections available within a business within minutes. MCube X is used for a wide variety of business applications such as PBX, call tracking, customer relations management, sales team performance management, lead conversion management, advertisement campaign ROI measurement, contest response and fulfillment. “Many of our customers have seen results in immediate savings, productivity gains and improved ROI from their business activity.”

VMC Technologies already has hundreds of customers on the MCube Platform using the solution and receives thousands of calls every day. VMC customer's span several industries in verticals like Real Estate, Education, Healthcare, Hotel Service, Industrial and Automotive, education etc. For more information, please visit

About VMC Technologies

VMC Technologies delivers a virtual PBX ecosystem that offers superior communication experience for client organizations; enabling their customers and employees to easily connect regardless of location and device.

Targeted at service oriented businesses with mobile workforce, distributed work environments, businesses without branded numbers that connects all employees with single number across healthcare, auto, retail, real estate, education, entertainment and recruitment industries.

With VMC MCube, businesses can benefit by bringing disparate pieces of voice communication under one service for a seamless deployment, on demand provisioning and real time management.

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