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The Power of Thoughts and Law of Attraction

by marinding

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Original article by S. Sham author of The Secret of Attractor Factor.

The most interesting thing when discussing about the relationship between the power of our mind and the Law of Attraction, is when we begin to discuss about the medical world. You may have heard of the placebo effect. The word placebo comes from the Latin word that literally means "I will please (you)". In modern medicine, this term refers to the drug or procedure that has no active ingredients to heal, but is given only to soothe or make a patient feel better. The example we often hear about is when a patient is given a drug and he was able to heal. But it turns out, that the drug is not a real drug, but just a sugar pill instead.

Actually, the placebo effect works according to three simple laws:

  1. The patient's confidence
  2. The doctor's condifence
  3. Spiritual power generated by the mutual trust between the doctor and the patient, so emotionally the doctor and patient are connected.

The three factors above can make pacebo effect works. Research has shown that about 75 percent of the patients examined by a doctor cannot be cured using drus or a specific operation. However, many people who seek help from a doctor will trust him, and so they will be able to get a sense of confidence to heal.

Other studies have also proved this, when a research did on mothers who gave birth in Guatemala. The researchers wanted to see the effects of "co-presence" in childbirth. It was found that women who accompanied a friend (or a family member that gave a positive morale boost) during birthing were much less likely to develop complications that require medical treatment than those without accompaniments.

Astonishingly, mothers with a companion were able to give birth faster and easier. They also stayed awake longer after birth, and they giving birth, and they smiled more to their newborn babies. This study shows that a companion can reduce stress and anxiety which can complicate childbirth.

Another study was also conducted at Massachusetts General Hospital. This study wanted to know about the effect of a friendly doctor - especially anesthesiology specialist - to a patient's recovery process. The patients in the study were divided into two groups, and no one - other doctors, hospital staff and patients - knew into which group a particular patient was put into. Therefore, all patients were treated routinely, without any attention or special treatment during the study. Both groups were organized by age, sex, disease severity, and type of operation.

Prior to surgery, each patient in the first group met an anesthesiology specialist. He gave a brief explanation of the operation that will be performed and the time needed for recovery. The group also did not get special treatment. As for the second group, they got a by anesthesiology specialists too, but spent a few minutes longer for a friendly talk with the patient and tried to build some sort of personal attachment. He listened to the complaints and concerns of patients, and answered patients' questions about the operation which would be performed. Overall, the discussion was conducted in a warm manner and it created a feeling of trust and safety for patients.

Once the operation was completed, there were real differences between the two groups. Although hospital staff were permitted to give pain medications as needed by both groups; the truth was that the second group only asked half the amount requested by the first group. Patients in the second group also recovered faster and they went home with an average of 2.7 days earlier than the first group.

Research on placebo effect has given so many evidences that the mind can affect the body and the confidence that is so powerful it can cure various physical ailments. The question we It can also help with attracting money, wealth, love, and more. The power of our thoughts can affect our bodies, it is the power of our thoughts that are also able to affect everything beyond our bodies.

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