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It's Not Too Late, winter is Still Here

by toyotaofancaster

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The importance of having winter tires has not decreased by any means. If your vehicle does not have winter tires already, it is not too late. We are in the middle of winter right now and there are more slippery road conditions to come.

You may have skipped out on getting winter tires because of the extra cost they may have caused you over the holiday season. There are many winter tires available that are very affordable. If you have never purchased winter tires you may be worried that you don't really know what you are looking for. There are a few significant traits to look for in a winter tire.

First, the most important sign to look for in a winter tire is the snowflake pictograph that is printed on the tire. This indicates that it is in fact a winter tire. You may be asking what this symbol even means. Well, it means that the tire has passed the Rubber Manufacturers Association traction test. This test conducted by the RMA approves that the tire is suitable for driving over compacted snow.

In greater detail, understanding what to look for in a winter tire can be discovered within the tire itself. The safety of winter tires is within the traction of the tire. The more fine cuts your tires have within the tread blocks increases the tires ability to grip to the ground. Snow is able to move in and out of these tiny cuts instead of just slipping over the snow with a smooth tire.

The deeper the tread on your tire, the better! This part of the tire varies; each tire can vary in tread size, make sure to ask your sales representative what sizes they have available. Once again, the deeper the tread, the better!

The amount of spaces between the tread of your tire also allows a higher amount of snow to pass through. In other words, the more spaces there are the more snow your tire will track through. And finally, a squared tread is better than a smooth tread because it grips better to the snow.

Still overwhelming? If you drive a Toyota car or a Toyota truck there are a variety of winter tires that could improve your feeling of safety. Ancaster Toyota has taken the liberty to make your tire shopping easy. Visit Ancaster Toyota's tire locator to find your winter tires today! Ancaster Toyotas full service website also allows you to book appointments for Toyota service look at a variety of vehicles and play around with different payment plans.


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